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Walking around London earlier, getting lost. I passed the Scala up by Kings Cross. I remembered playing there about 10 years ago – talent show for channel four, some X-Factor Music audition show.

On the panel was Lily Allen, who every man on the planet wanted to bang. We got through, four yes’s, as they say. We left the venue, got to the van, found a parking ticket under the wiper.

I think we even got a congestion fine on the way back to Essex. Didn’t matter. That was a good day. Got knocked out in the next round though. Mum cried.

London Design Museum

Design Museum in London


When you come to Kings Cross or Kings Cross St Pancras, head up to the new development which is a five minute walk. There you’ll find better restaurants and places to meet for coffee, rather than the hum drum of chain food found in the stations. (None of these pictures are of the new development).


Classic London Building and faded brickwork

You might be looking to boost your social awareness whilst here. I always type #VisitLondon in most of my posts and geographically tag them. I find this works brilliantly in London, but less so in other countries such as #VisitParis etc

Modern London Building Baker Street

Should I get a Black Cab in London?

Why not, it’s an experience and the black cab drivers offer a much more authentic London experience. Uber is still available here in the UK (as of SEPT 2018).

The prices can be a bit more expensive for a Black Cab but the traffic is so bad here in London now that every time you get an estimated Uber price on the app it will always work out to be more.

Barclays Bank in Kings Cross London

The London Underground

When it comes to negotiating the underground it’s much easier than Paris. If you have a contactless visa, credit or debit card you don’t have to fuss about buying tickets as there are contactless entrances and exits.

If you get lost just ask the security assistants on the terminals, we have them here unlike in Paris.

Kings Cross Station

Faded Brickwork London

London Skyline

London Brickwork

I’ve reviewed London Hotels and listed other things to do in London over on the blog.



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