Hells-bells it was cold in London today. Made the mistake of going out in a shirt and jean-jacket. Don’t give up the knits yet people, London will find you out. Again these shots are taken around Marylebone and Kings Cross, waiting on trains. When the warmer weather comes I’ll wander out a little further.


This camera is so good (Nikon D300) I feel momentarily invasive zooming into peoples windows on the top floors. I half expect strangers to tap me on the shoulder in passing and ask ‘what the heck you doing taking pictures? My bird lives in the flat‘. To which I’d have no rebuke.


But London is irresistible in so many ways. It doesn’t share that same architectural uniformity that many parts of Paris has. The French refer to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées  as “la plus belle avenue du monde” (“the world’s most beautiful avenue”) but aesthetically it’s dull as fucking dishwater.







Final thought. Completely tangential. I was thinking about the two words, Sorry and Thank You. A.A Gill advised, ‘apologise regularly so it doesn’t build up. Do it like laundry, every Friday’. But then Elton John would tell you that ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word‘. And that I kinda get. Because when you apologise for something, it’s a concession of defeat. You’re defeated, you’re giving up something. But Thank You, is easy. You probably know that word in a dozen languages. You’re not giving up anything. It doesn’t cost anything. You’re not admitting a deficiency, there’s no shame. It’s glib, it can be said over your shoulder. It could be said plaintively, even have a hollowness to it. It really doesn’t matter. But you have to say it. You simply, have to say it.




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