Paris Skyline

Over a Dog‘ – Marvin Udall, As Good as it Gets.

Just spare a thought for the poor missus on this one. I’m walking around with her camera, taking a picture of everything that moves.

Or in this particular scrapbook, things that don’t move. Somedays she’d wait patiently, others not-so. One day we walked down a side alley off Champs-Élysées and we saw a dog take a shit against a tree.

This aroused my scatological sensibility and I screamed orgasmically, telling her to hold me coffee as I grappled with the lens cap,

He’s not pissing on a tree, this dog is shitting on it. Arse pressed on the bark! LOOK!!

I missed the shot. Like 99% of the worlds population the missus found the experience of me trying to capture a dog shitting on a tree, utterly unedifying.

You can take a man out of VIZ but you can’t take the VIZ out of the man. We walked over 30k that weekend, I can’t tell you where most of these were taken.

I guess within a 30k blast radius of our hotel near Rue Du Bac.

Paris Skyline

The cool buildings of Paris

Louis Vuitton Headquarters in Paris

Buildings in PAris

The dome in Paris

Paris Pantheon

Paris Eye

Classic brick buildings in Paris

Obscure buildings in PAris

Cool buildings in Paris

Paris skyline cracked buildings

Buildings in Paris

UPDATE September 2018

I’ve since returned a few times to Paris. I’ve written extensively about James Bond locations from A View to a Kill.

Ferrari in Chateau Chantilly James Bond Location

I’ve done a thought piece on why the French don’t have a word for hobby.

Parisians are infamous for their fashion and I’ve captured a few photos for a street style blog. Overall I can’t say they’re better dressed than the Italians.

Paris Fashion

If you’re looking for an interesting area to visit in Paris then I’d recommend La Defense. I recently stayed at Pullman’s hotel nearby. It’s very business orientated and quite pricey.

However, situated close by is the Grande Arche and from the top you have a great vantage point of Champs-Élysées and Aillaud’s Towers in Nanterre, known as the Pablo Picasso district.

Ailluads Towers in the Picasso District Paris

Other cool buildings in Paris

Situated close by near the Pompidou. Great location for people watching and crepes.

Graffiti in Paris

A reflection of The Pullman hotel. Very much like Canary Wharf.

Reflective building of The Pullman hotel La Defense

More buildings and reflective angles found in La Defense.

buildings and hotels in La Defense Paris

The view from the top of The Grande Arche. There is also a photo exhibition you can visit there for 15 euros.

view from the Grande Arche in Paris

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