Sober over 15 months now.

Hey all, been awhile since I updated the sober blog. This blog in general is winding down due to time restraints, but these detox diaries are more an act of accountability, I want to keep them going when I can.

For those that have been following my Instagram stories you’ll realise I’ve become enmeshed in a legal dispute with a management company and an estate agency, Winkworth. Both are looking to rob me blind.

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I said to the missus ‘It’s days like these I miss the drink’.

‘There’s beer in the fridge,’ she prompted. She misses me drinking.

‘I can’t let these bastards win’. I thought. I’m not going to let them say, we drove him back to drink. So if you’re out there Hoyer Management company, Winkworth, you can take my money, but not my sobriety! And by the way, I’m coming for you both. You better lawyer up assholes.

Haha that’s my favourite bit in that Facebook film, when Spiderman tells Zuckerberg, ‘You better lawyer up asshole, because I’m not coming back for 30%, I’m coming back, for everything’.

So I’m good, luckily I’m 15 months in and I have enough mental altitude now, all this is beneath me really but I’m standing up for the little guy. Me.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with that.

In other news

I went to a couple of events. One was for the opening of MUHLE (German shaving brand) just off Carnaby Street. Thanks to MUHLE for the goody bag by the way and the kind hospitality. I wrote about that over at Menswear Style magazine.

I was introduced to the owner, Christian Muller. Nice guy, nice suit, articulate, has a decent affable way about him.

Wouldn’t you know he also makes his own beer back in his home town in Germany. They brought some bottles over especially for the press.

I felt like an asshole just asking for water. After being pressed on how decent the beer is I told him I don’t drink. It’s always the last explanation I want to give. It’s like telling people you haveĀ Diarrhea when they ask ‘how sick are you?’ No more questions after that.

For more sober articles check out my diaries. There are some useful tips in there on how to get over the first month, how to avoid drink on holiday etc.


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