Manya being all sedutive


I got the missus a photobook last year for Christmas. But not just any photobook. A photobook on CATS! And not just any photobook on cats; a photobook on cats I made myself.


The missus and Manya

Is Photobox any good?

I used Photobox, and shelled out nearly 60 sheets for a 26 page book with a hard back cover.

The process took me the best part of a day, but a lot of that was spent concocting pithy witticism’s. (I wrote the captions from the point of view of the cats. I know, how awfully pretentious).

They have easy to use templates so you don’t have to over think it. Of course it’s over priced but I did get all the trimmings; glossy paper, hardback colour!


Philly cheesesteak locked out


The book is called The Good Life and is not available in the shops, (remember when all TV adverts that flogged movie soundtracks used to say that?) but you can buy it from my Photobox store for an extortionate amount. I’ve bunged an extra tenner on to the price and that will go to a cat charity, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium on Bethnal Green.

If you’ve never been you should check it out. It’s crazy how these cats live the life of luxury swinging from satin-laced hammocks or trampling over diners’ scones with utter insouciance, whilst on the other side of the glass, a homeless guy freezes to death on the high street.

The experience and the product was overall; quite enjoyable. The website itself is unstable, I have since been back to make another photo book and none of my work got saved. Other reviews have also complained about the sites instability.

If you like you can follow my girlfriends cats on Instagram, and if you’re interested in buying a book then just click on any picture and it will take you to the checkout. (Update – book no longer available).


Still locked out


Manya sleeping on her throne


Philly freezing outside

Have you ever self-published a photobook? I’d be interested in hearing from you. No really I would, I know that sounds like sarcasm. Leave a comment in the box below please.

What Camera am I using?

All photos taken on a Nikon D3500. 99% of photos taken on this blog are taken with a Nikon camera and I would fully recommend the brand. You can buy the camera on Amazon currently priced 329 GBP.

*I am an affiliate member and will make a commission from every sale.


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