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Melissa Gasson tell me a little about yourself and what it is you do?

I’ve been working for myself as a massage therapist since 2006. I have a high profile clientele, including actors, NFL and NBA players.

After years of continuing education classes and figuring out how to work on different areas of the body, I created my own massage technique, Amalgam massage therapy.

It is a mixture of Eastern and Western modalities including Swedish Massage, cupping, gua sha and sports massage, combined with assisted movements.

In 2011 I started a company, Revolve Electric Bikes, with my father. When we started, almost nobody in the US knew what an electric bike was. A lot of progress has been made since then. NYC has made pedal assist electric bikes legal this summer. This was very exciting for us.

I have also created a health/wellness brand, Healed NYC, in which I will be launching a CBD line shortly. Healed NYC provides CBD massage therapy, amalgam massage therapy, Gua Sha anti aging facials & cold laser therapy in NYC at the Juhi Center.

Melissa Gasson girl in the snowWhereabouts are you based and what’s the best thing about the area you live?

I am a born and raised NYer. I love my city!!! Aside from the networking & hustle, I love the food, the mixed cultures, the fact you can go get into something at any hour because something is always open & someone is usually awake.

My work days can end at 1am and that’s somewhat normal in my circle. More time to get things done.

Tell us more about Revolve Bikes, is this your brainchild?

Revolve Electric Bikes was born when my dad brought some electric bikes home from China.

When I tried to ride one, a huge smile couldn’t be wiped from my face. Something that made me that happy, I wanted in!

I travel to China once a year to work directly with the manufacturer. I walk the bike show in Shanghai with my dad and manufacturer, & we decide what we want on our new bikes for the next season.

We always try to have new models every year. High quality, affordable prices and great customer service. I hope to see electric bikes/vehicles take over in the future.

Melissa Gasson business woman

We have foldaway bikes over here in London that do quite well, do you see this as a product that will be able to reach the UK market? 

Revolve Electric Bikes hopes to be all over the world eventually.

What’s the most important thing someone should know if they’re trying to set up their own business?

When starting your own business, be prepared to have everything go wrong, people not believe in you and put down your vision (even your family/friends), be deterred multiple times throughout the process, fears of failure, no sleep, stress, and a LOT of hard work.

Find your cheerleaders, although you will have to be your own cheerleader. One day you’ll feel like “I’m going to be sooooo successful” and the next “I should quit now, this won’t work”. Push through!!! Believe in yourself.

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What is your attitude towards social media as a means to promote your business?

Social media is an amazing tool for business. It’s word of mouth on a large scale.

Having one person become a customer/client, and they tell one person, and they tell one person…

You are also able to sell your product as well as who your company is at the same time.

People pay a lot of money for advertising based on ‘reach’.

With social media, you’re building your own reach. I love it.

How much time do you dedicate to fitness? Is it something that you enjoy? 

I work a lot of hours and do not have the luxury to dedicate too much time to fitness. I overall eat very well, which I see as more important than actually working out.

I try to dedicate 20 minutes to fitness 3 times a week. I’ve worked out from home for the past few years because I don’t enjoy gyms.

If I could climb mountains and kayak and do other physical activities as my workout, I would LOVE that! But unfortunately that’s not an option.

I do not like working out at all, but I love how I feel when I do. I have great genetics, but being active is very important in the ageing process, so I make it a priority.

Melissa Gasson woman in black dress on stairwell

Lastly Melissa Gasson, as someone that is turning 40 soon, what’s the secret to staying in shape in your 40’s?

I am now 41. The secret to staying in shape is don’t stop!!! If I take more than 3 months off, I find it extremely difficult to get back.

I try to do a 30 day challenge with other people to kick me in the ass. You only get one body for your whole life, take care of it.

Watch what you put into it. I eat overall very clean. Not too much processed foods, low sugar, low processed carbs.

But I do enjoy life so I don’t restrict myself too much. When I’m by myself, I’m very strict. When I’m out with others, I’m probably having the good stuff. Life is about balance, in all aspects.

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