The Menswear Style Podcast reaches out to its listeners

There may be hope for a new season of the Menswear Style Podcast yet. The project was shelved early summer due to lack of finance. However a new campaign has been launched on Kickstarter in a bid to fund the next 15 episodes. They podcast is inviting brands and startups to come on the show and tell their stories.


Evander Holyfield was a previous guest

It’s a great opportunity for young brands to get some vital exposure as each episode is then transcribed for the Menswear Style site that reels in 100,000 readers a month. That in then gets distributed on the social channels where they reach a further 250,000 people.¬†Entry level reward packages will also receive shout outs and listings on the podcast page.

The video shows the host (that’s me, I’m not sure why I’m writing this in 3rd person but go with it) talking to previous guests George Foreman and David Gandy, whilst attempting to erect his portable studio on his girlfriends executive cat tree.

CLICK on the video below to see the campaign.

See how the fudge is packed for the Menswear Style Podcast in the video. Click Above!

You can catch last seasons episodes of the Menswear Style Podcast on iTunes.¬†Now I want to hear from you. If you’re interested in finding out more about the podcast then you can leave a comment in the box below and I’ll get back to you. What did you make of the video?



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