I didn’t quite know what to do with these iPhone photos of Art Deco buildings I took in Miami in the Art Deco district on South Beach.

So I’ve attempted to put them cutely in a Powerpoint slide show to conceal their shitness.

My favourites I’ve just uploaded raw.

Hotels in South Beach

We stayed at the Waldorf Towers. I didn’t ask them for a Waldorf salad regrettably. That’s just a stones throw from the beach, although it rained continuously whilst we were there so just went to the museums.

In my previous post I spoke about the Miami History collection which had the Nathan Benn Floridian photo exhibition. That I highly recommend.

You’ll also learn about the history of Art Deco buildings there. I’ll just elaborate on what I took away.

A quick history of Art Deco

As South Florida emerged from the Great Depression with the aid of an expanding tourist industry, hundreds of new Art Deco hotels, offices and homes were constructed.

Art Deco is a general term used to describe a variety of architectural styles popular between 1925 and 1940.

Predominant characteristics range from linear, hard edge features with vertical emphasis to the streamline moderne style of horizontal features and rounded corners.

Art Deco is also applied to furniture, fashions, jewellery, household items, and decorative arts from that era.

How much is it to stay in South Beach?

We forked out £322 for two nights. No brekkie thrown in. We tried breakfast in that famous News Cafe, that was left wanting.

The following day we tried brekkie in a Cuban Hotel, forget the name. Sadly that disappointed. I don’t think Miami has a decent breakfast in it quite frankly.


The Versace building is now a restaurant and boutique hotel, Gianni’s. People pose for pictures outside as you’d expect.

The Cinema Tropic photo below is one of the few remaining art deco buildings in Key West.

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