Hey everyone. Here are some street style pictures I took from a recent trip to New York.

All pictures are of strangers.

For the large part I found the fashion in New York rather bland. It was still quite warm so not much need for jackets. A lot of oversized ill fitting suits like I expected.

After awhile I was fed up of seeing the run of the mill, inconspicuous blue fade denim and blue polo combo that I diverted the camera away from the streets and started taking pictures of reflections in buildings.

I’ll post those later.

I’ve done an extensive long form article on the fashion of New York v London on the Base London Blog so won’t get into the weeds with all that again here.

For now I just wanted to share with you some pictures that will hopefully give you a flavour of New York fashion.                         

A little like London if you want to get a true sense of street style you need to head down to Soho. Unfortunately it was too dark to shoot anything by the time I got down there, but the shops, the vibe, everything changed when we got there.

I update street style photos daily to Instagram and you can keep track on my Street Style pinterest board for more posts like these.

Pete can I use these pictures?

Sure just credit me. The one below is my favourite for some reason.


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