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Nicky Cook, founder of Killavista. Nicky is a creative entrepreneur who has spent most of his life in the music industry. During periods of disillusionment, he became more focused on digital content and photography. At the same time he unearthed an innate understanding of distilling a picture down to its native core. London-based, Nicky is available for bookings and collaborations, see here.

What do you prefer taking pictures of? Scenery? People?

I love night time long exposure photography as it’s just me and nature and time for reflection and dreaming.

How long does it take to get to your standard?

I’m typically British, I consider my self OK so with that in mind ….. it would take a day!!! I’m always learning as new jobs or adventures bring new obstacles. I’ve been shooting for a while but if you have the passion for something you can get do a decent standard in no time at all especially now days with the equipment that is available.

What’s the most gratifying part?

Some jobs are really like mini adventures and some are studio based, either way I suppose when I stare for a bit and get lost in the pics .. that’s of the best moments as you are possibly looking at further creativity and trying things out. Also I do get off post-treatment when I look back on them a few days later after giving my eyes a rest….. and then smile!!

Runaway Bride ( Norway )


Love this picture because this is an hour after getting married…..celebrating or commiserating? Either way she was as cool as fuck!! Love the long road leading up to her, for me it suggest love is a journey and you will definitely need a good glass of wine at some point!!

Fishermans Face ( Croatia )


The calm Adriatic sea on a fishing boat off the coast of Croatia with this kind and beautiful soul. He had a face that seemed like had lived a life so I called his name and took the snap as he looked at me. After spending a few days with him I wasnt wrong, what a life and what a man!

St Peters Basilica ( Italy )


Very rare that my jaw drops when entering a building. This is one of a series of pictures taken in St Peter’s a place that I’d go back to again just for the feeling that one gets when entering God’s palace!

LA via Southend ( UK )

luke vest bike

I just love the fact that this was shot in Southend but could be LA. The reflection in the glasses, the tats and the low rider makes me wish I was a little younger!

The Two Of Us ( UK )


Shot In Glastonbury after I noticed an elderly couple had just vacated the deck chairs and it just got me thinking about relationships and mortality. I can still see the couple in the chairs!!!


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