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Dear all, please find a whole bunch of reflection photos taken from my beloved Nikon D300. Some taken in department stores, others on the streets of Key West.

I do have a personal instagram where this kind of nonsense gets distributed. Along with off-shoots from my travels and previous blogs.

adobe lightroom reflection

I’ve had this Nikon D300 now for about 3 years, my girlfriend loaned it to me when I left her last digital camera in a cab on the way back from The Statue of Christ in Rio, Brazil. That was back when I used to enjoy writing blogs.

It’s utter nonsense but very therapeutic for me. I throw them into Adobe Lightroom and just play around with all the lighting, in no specific order. As you’ll see.

reflection imagery abstract photography Dunelm

I do see plenty of reflection image accounts on Instagram that focus on getting that perfect reflection.

Obsessing on symmetry. I have no interest in that really. Mainly because I’m not that advanced or meticulous in my photography skills.

I just shoot and go. You know like the Panda; shoots and leaves. Though I do shoot a lot. I left Dunelms with about 100 reflection photos. Or reflective nonsense, as I like to call it.

Nikon mirror selfie Nikon photo mirror selfie mirrors and clocks mirror seperation reflection instagram reflection ghost photo mirror antique artsy reflection

The below is a DB6 MK1 taken somewhere around London. I must thank both Matt Spaiser from @BondSuits, @Dutchlife1987, @Astonmartinbrentwood on Instagram for helping to identify the model.

If you click on the photo you’ll find a link to the conversation thread.

Aston Martin DB6 MK1

Need a London Photographer?

I’ve not been ballsy enough in the past to advertise my photography ‘skills’. However, rather than charge for my skills I’ll charge you for my time instead (get in touch) and you get the images plus edits for free.

I don’t do portrait photography really. Though I’m not too shabby at experimental, abstract photography. Reflection photos are great alternatives for modest Igers. See below the missus being caught off-guard. I love this pic.

Nikon reflection


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