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For your pleasure, here is a quick camera dump of all the Street Style images I took around London in March.

I’ll admit I’ve not really been on my game this month with getting street style photos. But I’ve not ventured out much of the flat and the weather has been cold as balls.

Burberry jacket street style red boots

I use a Nikon D300 and upload the images to my Nikon Street Style instagram page. All the photos I take are of strangers that pass me in the street. If their style stands out I try and grab a shot.

The picture below is of my missus rocking her new Henri Bendel bag. Sadly that company has gone bust. Although that was good news for her as she cleaned the place out in the fire sale.

henri bendel handbag

Below is a disruptive shot I got of a gentleman in a green Scotch and Soda bomber logo patch jacket. Not this seasons. As I passed him I noticed he only had one eye.

scotch and soda bomber jacket covent garden fashion punk ripped jacket

Street Style in Covent Garden

The gentleman below had his own entourage. Not sure what brands he was wearing. If anyone knows please drop a comment below.

man black and white coat London

The gentleman below also snapped in Covent Garden looked supreme. Great ribbed roll neck knit, fleck tan overcoat and burgundy leather gloves.

stylish older man

So yeah, image quality hasn’t been great this month. Apologies. But the gentleman below caught my eye. The yellow in the overcheck POW coat blends well with his yellow rollneck.

You can pick these kind of check overcoats up quite cheaply now from ASOS. River Island currently do one for £45 half price.

grey check overcoat

I think this is one of my favourite shots below. I waited just for a small parting in the crowd to get a picture of this gentleman in his leather jacket.

As I passed him by he spoke Italian. Typical Italians, showing us Brits how it’s done in our own back yard.

covent garden street style leather jacket


This gentleman below, his name is Simon. I took a picture of some dude crossing the street, he flagged me down and said ‘street photographer?’

Immediately I shat myself. I’ve been rumbled I thought. He’s going to ask me to delete pictures and read me the riot act on how inappropriate it is to take pictures of people without their consent.

Luckily he was alright. He was doing the same thing, but with an older camera. Click on the image and find out more about his old-school camera and give him a follow.

Street Style London

Celebrity Spotting

The very first celeb shot. Below is a picture of Adrian Chiles walking the streets of my home town in Chiswick. I didn’t know it was him at first.

Just spotted a gentleman wearing what I thought was a cool bikers jacket. Sadly it was shot from the hip, quality was poor.

Adrian chiles leather jacket

This gentleman below is wearing an Austin Reed coat and an LFC hat. I liked his layering. This was taken from the hip and I thought it turned out well.

austin reed jacket green tweed fashion gentcamo trousers louis vuitton trainers

Introducing Jamie

I rarely do this but I passed this gentleman in the street outside my flat. As he passed I shouted ‘wear did you get those trainers dude?’

We stopped had a chat, he mentioned he was lucky to be alive as he was knocked off his bike only a week before. Nice guy, not on Instagram. He’s too cool for that. The trainers are Louis Vuitton bought in a rare sample sale in NYC.

Taken on my iPhone 7.

green jacket camo trousers street style


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