The week that was.

Here are just some photos I’ve taken throughout the week, late AUGUST 2019. All taken on a Nikon D3500.

It’s been a non-event week as you can tell I’ve been indoors building a new website, more on that in another post.

Do people even need websites anymore? Do we need blogs now we have social media?

I hope we can now go back to a time where blogs have more personality rather than be landing pages full of keywords.

Isn’t Manya beautiful. She is so grumpy still around Roger. Whenever he walks past her in the corridor she never misses a chance to remonstrate.

I think she much preferred her previous lodgings in Marble Arch where there was more square footage, zero Roger and more opportune places to leave her infamous poop-coins.

5am starts. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

I enjoyed a conversation I had with someone this week when I confessed fearing a lack of intellectual horsepower to get a certain project off the ground. He replied, ‘you don’t need intellectual horsepower for this one, just horsepower’.

Off to New York this week so stay tuned as I’ll be sharing stories on my Instagram.

I’m truly lucky. I’ve always been lucky. Maybe not in business. But that’s not everything.

My favourite photo of the week is the one above. All these photos are unedited and compressed.

Roger is flying right now. Over 5 months now. He still lays the odd cable indoors but he’s getting better.

In other news I’ve had a record 6 articles turned down by Viz this month. Which is a son of a bitch. I’ve just opened up another blog so I can post the ones that get rejected.

It has a very unoriginal title of Not Viz Material.




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