safari jacket with brown trousers

I went to Hoi An, Vietnam, to create the Green Safari jacket that Roger Moore wore in The Man with the Golden Gun, reimagined in the latest Orlebar Brown X James Bond celebration collection.

James Bond collection

I’m also hankering for the black and white with red overcheck sports jacket also featured in The Man with the Golden Gun as well as some J.W Pepper retro inspired holiday shirts.

retro shirts

Best tailor in Hoi An?

There are over 400 tailors in Hoi An, I can’t possibly claim to know what ones are the best ones but I went to a tailor called Bi Hanh, recommended by our hotel, Aira Boutique. Yes I know they get a kick back, but we also get a 10% discount.

The Black & White with red over check sports jacket

With the help of Matt Spaiser’s blog, The Suits of James Bond, I was able to show the sales lady exactly the kind of fabric I was after. She immediately spotted a fabric that was almost a perfect match.

pow fabric

It’s soft, it’s a wool and silk blend and it feels terrific. The red over check is more subtle than the one Roger wore, but I don’t have a lot of body to be squared away.

moodboard for james bond suits

Next up we chose the lining. The paisley linings you pay extra for but that’s to be expected at any tailor, no matter the country. I wanted to get a nice red one to bring out the red check.

red silk suit lining paisley

The Safari Jacket

Next we have the haymaker the safari jacket that Roger wore in The Man with the Golden Gun. We picked out the colour and fabric and got measured.

I subtracted the belt detail from the back of the jacket and added a leopard print lining to give it some structure. You can check that out in the video at the bottom.

green linengetting measured for a suit

Best hotel in Hoi An?

In a previous visit we stayed at the Hoi An Essence hotel. 

This time we stayed at Aira Boutique, which was fantastic. Just a minutes walk from the beach. About a ten minute cab ride from the tailors.

We did parasailing, you can check out our take off in the YouTube video at the bottom.

People have been known to land in a smack of Jellyfish when parasailing, leaving them incapacitated and at risk of drowning. I did shit myself whilst parasailing, but I survived.

relaxing on a beach

Back at the tailors

Upstairs in Bi Hanh, time for the first fitting. And I’m really pleased. On the sports jacket I asked for a single kissing cuff on the sleeve, the same as Roger had on his jacket, as described on Matt’s blog.

Not everything is possible, somethings are lost in translation but they really do try. It’s a good idea to bring plenty of pictures for them to contextualise it for the tailors and the sales ladies.

A tip for getting measured

A quick tip on when it comes to fitting. Don’t try and suck your gut in, puff your chest out or act sexy. The tailor who is measuring you needs your relaxed posture. They should tell you to relax and stand normally.

They’ll also notice key things about your posture, if you have a dropped shoulder, a hollow back, a large seat etc. By the way I have a large seat which is tailoring code for; huge ass.

final fitting grey pow check and pink shirt

How many fittings did the suit take?

In total we had 2 fittings and we took the garments home on the 3rd visit. We had 4 full days in Hoi An, and the garments were turned around comfortably in that time.

In total from Bi Hanh we got:

  • 1 x Safari Jacket
  • 1 x Black & white (with red over check) sports jacket
  • 3 x trousers
  • 2 x retro inspired short sleeve shirts
  • 2 x shirts, pink and blue with polka dot

Anastasia also got 3 hand made shirts.

TOTAL: $730 USD (578 GBP)

retro shirt retro shirt

Another great tailor

I also want to give a special mention to the people at Ba Ri tailors who did some amazing work putting some shirts together for us.

Ba Ri is the busiest tailor in Hoi An and they have a greater selection of fabric than any of the others we saw.

They put  a handful of skirts and jackets together for my girlfriend and the quality and the fit was terrific.

group hug at Ba Ri Tailor

I had some suits done there a couple of years ago and they’re still going strong today. You can read a full article on the tailors of Hoi An with imagery of all the suits from my visit two years ago.

green shirts matching

For transparency, I’m not getting any reimbursements or financial kick backs from any brand, hotel or tailor.

They don’t even know I’ve written this article or have recorded a video documenting the making of the Safari Jacket for the Bond Suits YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to that, we put some extra stuff on their that doesn’t appear on the podcast.

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