We took the walk along the Sur sea wall. The art is a bit more native than the bohemian vibes of the east side gallery in Berlin, but I preferred it for the tranquility, no one around.

And when we got to the end of the pier I felt like Truman teaching the horizon.

Shipbuilding in Sur

The shipbuilding yard was a nostalgic affair, the ships here take between 1-2 years to build and they are then sold off to private companies who hire them out for parties or tours. 


Sheila’s if you’re going for a swim in the Wadi’ you’ll need a swimsuit no bikinis. 

Camel rides

After we hit the camels, they don’t sound too happy getting up, but I doubt I’d be too happy either Schlepping bloggers around the desert.

Who was your guide in Oman?

We took the tour with Explore Muscat who are in no way affiliated with this blog. Ask for Muhammed.

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