As some of you may have noticed I went to Oman. I have done a series of videos on my YouTube channel which will hopefully paint the picture for you.

The first video I did (see above) had some narration but this was quite time consuming so I just put the rest together as montages.

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I’ve scribbled down some notes for you here. The Mosque in Muscat is the second largest in the world, with 1,100 lightbulbs. It’s definitely worth a visit. 

The first thing you’ll notice about Oman is how clean the streets and buildings are around the national monuments.

The Opera House 

From there we went to the opera house which was built in 2011 from Carrara Marble. If you’d like to see my blog on the Carrara quarries where they filmed the opening to Quantum of Solace you can do so here. Inside you’ll find the interiors lined with teak wood from Burma.

First impressions of Oman 

Oman feels like new money. You don’t pay tax in Oman so everyone is very happy, friendly, content.  They’ve also come into oil.

They don’t produce oil on the scale of the Saudi’s, but they have it for sure. They are the largest supplier of oil outside of OPEC and can yield up to 1 million barrels a day. 

It feels like we’ve landed on Mars. I since learned NASA bring their rovers and test them out here.

Is Oman a safe place for tourists?

Yes I felt completely safe here. The one thing I would say is don’t mess about on social media. I.E refrain from posting anything political and respect the culture.

Things to do in Muscat

You can pay a visit to Muttrah market. According to our guide that’s mainly for tourists now. It’s not massive, not as expansive as Marrakech, or as diverse as say the Nightmacht in Vienna.

The missus she likes to haggle, I don’t have the self esteem nor the poker face for those kind of games.

All of the aerial stills you’re seeing in this post was taken from The Muttrah castle. The Royal Palace is also close by but not open to the public. You just check out from a far, easy to see why it’s so clean.

The National museum is just a quick walk from the Royal Palace. It’s is well laid out, nothing in the way of art. But this isn’t Paris. Ceramics sure, bullet belts, you bet your ass.

Where to stay in Muscat

Centara hotel – decent enough, brekkie fine, shower takes awhile to warm up but real good when it does. Didn’t check out the roof top bar, shame. We didn’t spend much time there.

We had dinner in The Chedi hotel which has the beach restaurant. The red snapper was just awesome, the hotel itself is about 500 a night but is breathtaking. Sadly they double charged us for the meal and it took a couple of weeks of back and forth to get that money back. 


Get some decent sunglasses before going out. The reflection on the streets will give your eyes no rest. We booked the tour through Explore Muscat and had the best travel guide in Muhammed. 


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