I miss fucking walk-in wardobes,” the missus says slamming her hand on the steering wheel. As a former resident of Houston, I had asked what she missed most. No one could anticipate that repost, but that’s what makes my girl the best. It was an hours drive to Galveston, at some point we got punched into local radio.


The New 93q, a guy named Joey had called into the station.

DJ: What’s up Joey?

JOEY: Well I took this girl out on a date last week, I thought it went well but she’s not returned any of my calls, not replied to any of my texts.

DJ: Where did you take her?

JOEY: To the gun range.

DJ: Does she listen to the show?

JOEY: Yeah.

DJ: What’s her name?

JOEY: Carra

DJ: Ok Joey, stay on the line we’re going to get Carra on the phone.


The DJ plays Think a Little Less by Michael Ray. Two adverts for McDonalds are played after back to back and an advert for Mattress Firm where a woman describes how all she wants to do is come home from work and lie down. The DJ comes back on.

DJ: Hi is that Carra?

CARRA: Hi, who is this?

DJ: Carra this is Tim Tuttle from 93q, you’re live on the air.

CARRA: Oh my God. Have I won any money?

DJ: No Carra, we have Joey on the other line. You guys went on a date the other night is that correct?

CARRA: Yes, oh my God.

JOEY: Hi Carra.

CARRA: Hi Joey.


DJ: Now Carra, why did you not return any of Joey’s calls?

CARRA: Ok we went to the shooting range. Everything was going well. I shot off a 308, I wanted to move up to a 9mm, which I did. I was feeling good. So I asked to move up to a 40mm and Joey warned me not to.

DJ: What did Joey say?

CARRA: He said that a 40mm would be too much firepower for a woman. I couldn’t believe it. It kinda pissed me off.

DJ: Is that true Joey? Did you tell her that a 40mm would be too much firepower for a woman?

JOEY: I thought I was being a Gentleman. It is too much firepower for a woman. I saw it as me putting a coat over a puddle.


CARRA: I mean come on Joey. If you’re going to be putting these kind of limitations on me now, what am I going to expect later down the road?




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