Kia Cee'd

He’s coming right at us.” – Steve McCroskey, Airplane.

Getting to know the Kia Cee’d

A recent week in Cyprus offered many hurdles for the Kia Cee’d. The meandering slopes heading up the New Forest hills, running serpentine to Mount Olympus, had numerous hazards.

Amusingly, we even found the embers of a small rocky avalanche stretching lazily across one side, perhaps serendipitously at the foot of an avalanche road sign. (see below).

avalanches in Cyprus

Do we like the body?

Aesthetically I dig the sloped headlights that wrap themselves up the front fenders.

The grill is somewhat of a halfway house, neither cutesy or masculine, with an oblong mesh motif that is ornamented with silver trim and punctuated with a thinner, longer grill strip bridging the fog lights.

Kia Cee'd

What’s it like inside?

Inside, the boot took two large-size carry-ons without compromise and the centre consul successfully housed our coffee and water.

The infotainment system was easy to use, albeit hardly on the vanguard of futuristic design, which is a microcosm of what the motor is all about.

It will do what it’s asked perfectly well and with little complaint. Nothing fancy, nothing over-delivered.

Kia Cee'd avalanches

What’s the Kia Cee’d like to drive?

It negotiated the turns efficiently enough, although the Missus found it was left wanting on tight turning circles, I gave it a pass.

The Kia Cee’d reacts with a simmering grunt on the hill climbs and hums on the straights.

It’s by no means a noise-less car and once again the Missus and I differed on whether the levels were acceptable.

I drive a piece of crap Audi 80, which has the consistent grumblings of an old man leaving a chair to answer the door to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

This sounds like a purring Tiger cub being mollycoddled by it’s mother in comparison. What I’m trying to say, is everything is relative.

This is relatively the most relaxing ride I’ve had in a long time.

Kia Cee'd hire a car in Cyprus

Although I should say I wasn’t entirely relaxed when I saw the beckoning icy roads on Mount Olympus, or the Mitsubishi truck heading towards us in the wrong direction on the motorway approaching the nations capital.

We successfully avoided a near fatality. In fact the missus even had time to indicate to the other lane.

I however, displayed the same level of poise and composure as Lloyd Bridges from Airplane.

If you just want a taste of what’s Cyprus is like I’ve uploaded a scrapbook of images taken from my trip here.

Check out my Car Pinterest board if you want to see a whole bunch of classic cars in Cuba and supercars from my trips to Monaco etc.

cars on pinterest


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