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How is everyone doing. Let’s see if I can quickly fart out 300 words before the missus gets up and takes me shopping for kitchen tiles.

I made the proclamation yesterday that I’m done with all the breathless monologuing on the site. That I’ll just upload sponsored posts and the show notes to the podcasts, but I forgot about the sober diaries.

You might be interested in giving up the drink, let me tell you an online blog is a good place to start. Make yourself accountable.

I started doing one daily at the beginning, but it soon gets boring. However, checking in once a month is still good practice.

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Why did I give up drinking?

I still get that question a lot. I have refrained from giving the douchy comeback ‘Why do you drink?’ I’ve found people get defensive about their lifestyle habits. I don’t blame them.

If you’re young, in your twenties, then go out and drink and make all your mistakes. Have fun and let your heart become a battlefield of cuts and bruises. Will give you grit later in life.

Truth is the hangovers were killing me. I was fed up of losing days where I’d be slumped on the couch in a perpetual saturnine mood. Pondering on all those shameful nadirs.

I wanted to reset and refresh. I knew when I got back from that Stag do in Blackpool last year that I’d give up for good.

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How did I do it?

I made banana smoothies every day. I listened to the Alcohol Mastery podcast every day. I wrote a blog everyday.

I had some luck, no dramas in my life. Dramas can always be the propulsive catalyst. The excuse one needs to get back into drinking.

I lost my Dad last month, but I was already closing in on a year of abstinence. Had I lost him a couple of months in, who knows. I’d have been the most drunken guy at the wake.

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How am I feeling now not drinking?

Just surviving. I only think about it now when someone asks, why aren’t you drinking? You get this far in, there is no more temptation.

I can say I feel better not throwing days in the bin, drunk, eating shit-watching Box Sets. I have a far more healthier diet thanks to my girlfriend. I’ve lost puppy fat but not got round to putting on a lot of muscle, which is the goal now for next year.

That’s it for this month. One year in, there was never any doubt.


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