Do you think these trees are supposed to be dead?

I’m just going to rattle off some notes here I jotted down whilst out in Cuba last month. The text won’t necessarily marry the images but they were all taken by me or the missus. This is by far from a cornerstone article, no SEO, no keywords, no proof reading, ok?


The missus makes a connection

We rolled down Paseo de Martí, the dividing street between new town Havana and old town Havana. This is Cubas’ Las Ramblas, but do you think they could be fucked to paint it in the last 100 years? I expected to get to the end of this thing and discover the remains of the Statue of Liberty. Look at the trees in the picture at the top. Do you think they’re supposed to be dead?


Love this pic, who is a matte in Lightroom man?

I’ve got an idea for you Cuba. Give each house a tin of paint once a year, if the residents don’t paint their own god damn house then they don’t get any free electric from the government. Talking of paint, the only thing that’s seen a lick of paint in this town in the past 50 years are the cars!

We reach the end of the street and some stranger who’s had a good morning on the rum shakes my hand. He doesn’t let go. We lock eyes, we don’t speak, it all gets a bit weird until his mate comes in and shoes him away. Immediately, and I mean immediately, the missus pulls my palm towards her and splats a dollop of sanitiser in it.


The chase is on

Like this blog? Why not? What’s wrong with it? Ok look I’m just goofing around, Cuba was fun, just needs the gays to move in and give it a makeover that’s all.

Catch part one, Classic Cars of Cuba, and stay updated for part 3 next week. Maybe.


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