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Who is Patricia Le?

Patricia Le is a Light Hair and Make-Up Artist based out of Los Angeles. She is a social media influencer although she won’t like me saying that. Click on any of her photos to check her out on Instagram.

So you don’t like to be called an influencer, is there a better term?

Not quite sure if there is any other term at the moment. However, I have had credited titles such as Creative Director and Producer on many of my projects.

If you scroll through the so called Influencer accounts for Beauty you will pretty much the same trend of make up looks that everyone and their mothers are doing.

The same social media driven hyped up make up products on every feed and let’s not forget the over the top Instagram Brows that need to die 3 years ago.

Also whatever the current trend is nothing new, it is just recycled classic that is now over the top Drag Queen make up. It is not realistic for every day women or men.

From the massive amount of foundation to concealer, baking, contours and high lights… These are the norm in Drag Make Up. A normal person does not have 3 hours to do their make up and Photoshop their face in real life.

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How do you manage to distinguish yourself from other make up artists on Instagram?

I’m more than a Make Up Artist. I also do Light Hair.

I have worked on thousands of faces in my career, from your everyday normal women and men to models of all status.

I know how to do make up on myself really well and even better on other people.

Luckily I was self taught at an early age where there was no digital preview and Photoshop.

I had to get everything on point with in 3 Polaroids test.

This taught me how to do make up for different lighting in doors or outside. I learned very quickly what different photographer’s preferred lighting.

I also have a lot of experience working for many luxury cosmetic brands, so that is where my people skills comes in handy.

Working with everyday women and men that put their trust in me and showing them their own personal unique beauty that they did not know they are.

One of my favourite saying is that I Can Get You To 51% The Rest Is Up To You… Looking Good Is Half The Battle.

I am very blessed to have many clients that follow me from brand to brand. I’m a rare breed in the retail sales world where I am a Million Dollars Seller.

I am also very blessed to know the business side of Make Up and Photography. I can produce a shoot for clients that are out of town or county.

From casting models, hair stylists, fashion stylists, studios, location scouts, permits, insurance, catering, photographers, assistant technicians to lighting technicians and pretty much all that is required to make a shoot successful.

Most of my Editorial work is all Produced by me. You should check them out in My Stories.

Patricia Le Make up Artist model influencer

Are you seeing a rise in men wearing make up, do you have male clients and what trends are you seeing in the male grooming industry? (In the UK men are getting massively into mascara and concealer).

The rise in men wearing make up is not quite mainstream here yet.

I personally believe that skincare is more essential than make up for men. Same goes for women also.

Make Up can only do so much, I am a Make Up Artist NOT a Magician or Plastic Surgeon.

How much do you rely on Social media to market yourself?

Social media is just a source of self entertainment. I post a selfie every day with a positive message since March.

I use it to remind myself and the real friends that follow me that I am still here. Long story short I faced a series of unfortunate incidents that led me to find the simple moments of victory every day in life and to rediscovered myself again.

I rely on my photographers to get work. Consequently I only work with the people that I have developed a close trusting relationship with. They work I work.

I get a bit of “collaboration” request, or as I call it free /trade work. Yes, I have paid my dues more than my fair share of trade work with every up coming and going no where photographers, musicians, and actors in this town.

Free or “Exposure” do not pay the bills. I had to learn this lesson the hard way and I now know how to say No. As a result I’ve introduced a Testing Rate for those that knows the value of an experience Artist that will elevate their portfolio.

Patricia Le make up artist Los Angeles

The Social Media side of things

How often do you get asked out on social media versus real life?

I have gotten my fair share of of dick pics, videos and DM spam on Instagram and Facebook lol

I get hit on all the time in real life too lol

What’s next for you Patricia Le, the next big thing?

Some secret over seas projects in Asia.

I highly recommend for you to interview Kevin James Bennett for another take on the whole Social Media Influencer.

Another amazing one to interview is PrettyPastelPlease she has 3 really awesome videos up on YouTube about Social Media Influencer getting paid for Bad Reviews, Good Reviews and other great stuffs. – Patricia Le. 

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