bf071305-a10f-4ecc-a79d-56f29a73965c_blog_ln_On my travels moonlighting as a lifestyle journalist I have been lucky to drink a lot of free booze, funnel canapes into my mouth like scooby doo and shake the hand of Hugh Jackman. I’ve also had the fortune of meeting Paul Weller at Somerset House for the launch of his label Real Stars Are Rare. The interview mainly consisted of me avoiding eye contact and asking ridiculous questions such as ‘What is your favourite nut?’ Urrggg. (I like to think I have improved since). Fortunately my good pal and Missing Andy bassist Rob Jones was there to shamelessly promote his band.


Bobby J from Missing Andy doing most of the talking

Does it annoy you that there isn’t anyone out there aren’t any musicians out there saying it how it is like you were back in the day?

PW – Isn’t that a sign of the times we live in though? I don’t know if people are a bit brow beaten by it all really with politics and that sort of thing. Whether politics holds the same level of importance in the younger generation now, I don’t know. Imagine Ghost Town by The Specials, or a Town Called Malice, imagine those records being number one now, it just wouldn’t happen would it? It would just be too hard edged for people.

I’m actually in a band, we were lucky enough to play with the Specials and Madness.

PW – What’s your band called?

Here’s a CD for you to keep, give it a listen, in your own time? (Rob hands Paul a CD)

PW – Missing Andy is that the name of your band? That’s not a f*cking band name.

Yeah terrible name, but cool talking point.

PW – Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it? What’s wrong with bands being called ‘The’ something.MissingAndyEPLaunch_111109_large

Like The The?

PW – What’s that is that the theme? (Points to the logo).

Yeah MA, stands for Missing Andy

PW – Looks like some f*cking mad Japanese writing from here man, thought it was some mad symbol.

For the full interview (I have cut the part out where I ask him his favourite nut) check out the audio in the vid below. I had to listen to it, poor old Paul had to sit through it, so should you.






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