Huge thanks goes to Paulo and the team at Casa Celestino Restaurant (pictured above). The restaurant is on a terrace in a “lookout” position over the coast of St. Angelo. You won’t find a more romantic location to eat in all of Ischia

Ischia is a volcanic island and a short ferry ride just off the city of Naples, famous for it thermal spas, it’s fresh food and being 30% cheaper (on average) than Capri. There will be a full match report coming shortly, for now here’s a quick top photos of the week taken from my recent visit.

Man in the water

Taken from the boat tour around the island which you can do in a morning, including a stop off. The thermal water can get close to 40 degrees near certain parts.. To me this picture encapsulates the emotion of the island; stillness.


One man and his bees

We visited the restaurant La Bussola.  Andrea (pictured right) is not only the owner of the establishment, but a passionate beekeeper. Andrea gave me a jar on the house (despite my best efforts to pay) and I wanted to take his picture as a souvenir of our exchange. Andrea’s generosity is emblematic of the people of Ischia. The food was incredible, the rocket salad homegrown by his father.







Thinking of visiting Ischia?

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Decked out

The thermal spas around the volcanic rock are vast, luxurious and a massive lure for Ischia. Here at the Giardini Poseidon Terme Spa you have varying degrees of heated pools, as well Saunas carved into the volcanic rock providing natural steam. It’s great to visit out of season also – too cold for the locals hence the blanket. Tip – Bring your own towels, robe and change for the locker.

ischia-castle-aragoneseCastle Aragonese

If you come to Ischia you’ll inevitably gravitate towards the Aragonese Castle. The first fortress was built in 474 BC but has become the safe house for many inhabitants seeking refuge from pirates and the eruption of Mount Epomeo in 1301. For over 100 years the present owners take care of the restoration and management. It’s divided by private ownership and hospitality.

Inside you’ll have a great panoramic view from the balcony, offering a charming view of Ischia Ponte, the Mount Epomeo and the hill of Campagnano.

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The kid on the bike

We stopped off for at Miscillo Sapori E, a cosy refuge for hikers headed to Mount Epomeo on the island of Ischia. This gentleman was kind enough to make some toast and give us some homemade jam. I’d recommend doing the hike up Mount Epomeo with a guide to talk you through the history of the island. CLICK on any picture for more information on guides and ImperaTours.


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Now we want to hear from you. Have you been to Ischia? Thinking of going? How does it compare to Capri? What’s a better film, Dante’s Peak or Volcano? Leave your comments in the box below.





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