1# The Man who Knew

The man above I pictured in the old Italian town of Cortona.┬áCortona is a town and comune in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany, Italy. I saw him twice that day. Each time he was walking towards me, steely-eyed. As if we were in the wild west, each waiting for the other to call ‘draw’. I took this from a distance, probably 15-20 feet away. In a bust street. But he still knew I was taking a picture of him. And he didn’t care one way or the other.

2# Mrs Somebody

We were in Florence last week and we saw this abandoned bride hiding around the corner of a church. She was waiting for the all clear to go in and although I never caught her face, I thought her dress was just immaculate. All the planning, all the build up had lead her to this. She is alone here. She still has a chance to make a break for it and run away. But she’s looking for the all-clear to go in, not looking to thumb a lift from a perfect stranger. She’s unbelievably excited to be a Mrs somebody.

3# Mr Coke

Taken on the bridge of the The Ponte Vecchio, a medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River, in Florence, noted for still having shops built along it. I like this picture and I preferred having these guys in the shot rather than a generic picture of the Arno River. That doesn’t seem to have ANY current. The most idle and lazy river I’ve ever seen.

Moments before I got this picture the guy in the red coke tee grabbed his nutsack for me. I have no idea why, just a funny thing us guys do and we laughed. I missed the nutsack-grab shot sadly, but like the fact that together we made each other laugh, and he has a genuine smile in his shot because of it.

4# The Napping Man

Again taken in Florence. This guy caught my eye because he’s clearly tuned out from the conversation. So much so he’s decided to take a nap. I don’t think the women either side are laughing at him sleeping, they’re probably not even aware the guy has dozed off. It wasn’t a hot day, so the heat hasn’t got to him, maybe a lot of walking has done him in. My guess is he’s just found the girls talk utterly benine and decided this is chance to get some shut-eye.

5# The Girl on the Bike in Bologna

This one was taken in Bologna. I wanted to get a picture of the different coloured portico’s. Bologna is rich with portico’s. The girl came in shot and I thought at first it ruined the aesthetic of the empty street. As it turned out it gave it some good depth and perspective. Plus she was easy on the eye.

Do you have a favourite out of these five? If so why? Leave a comment below and if you’re a professional photographer, what am I doing wrong in these shots? I try and upload a lot of travel pictures on instagram so follow me there if you like what you see.


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