SVETLANA KASHIROVA plus size model in white lingerie

‘And there are certainly, plenty of ladies here today.”Roger Moore – Octopussy

It’s never been a better time to be a plus size model.

At first I thought it would be a good idea to approach a load of waif models and make them super-insecure by asking if they’d like to feature in an article about plus size models.

A little bit like my idea for personal trainers to be eating pizza and Krispy Kremes whilst barking at their clients to ‘put it in’ on the treadmill. But I get into enough trouble for doing these.

Here with their consent, and in no discernible order are the top 5 plus size models to follow on Instagram.


ESTHER ANDERSEN plus size model lying on bed

Photo by Sébastien tabarin Photographe (click to follow our influencer pinterest page)

Mrs Andersen….. (I don’t know if she is a Mrs but it works better as I’m saying it with my Agent Smith voice).

Esther Andersen is a winning blend of French/Tunisian and an accomplished plus size model. Her profile regularly features posts of her hanging around the bedroom in lace underwear.

She’s got my dream job. Only swap lace underwear for my Rocky dressing gown, otherwise that would be weird. Right?

Update – FEB 2019 (Esther is no longer on Instagram under the handle she gave me. If anyone has a contact for her please drop me a comment).


plus size model Lilli Lux in purple lingerie

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From Ohio, or as I like to call it; Oh-hello! Lilli Luxe is a name that deserves to be on a poster, or maybe painted on the side of a Boeing B-17 bomber.

(We’ve all seen Memphis Belle right?)  Lilli has modelled for TJ Maxx, Rue21, and Secrets in Lace, straddling the line between conservative plus size modelling and sexy pin up modelling.

Check out her site for some poster prints. Maybe clear it with the misses first before you hang it up above the bed.

Plus size Model Lilli Lux in a grey crop top and leggings

Check out our full exclusive interview with Lilli Lux over on our influencer Page.

Interview with plus size model Lilli Lux Screen shot


PLus size model Erin Grady in white underwear

Introducing international Model and Photographer Erin Brady. A very handsome lady from California with a dusting of Kelly Brook in her I feel.

I think it would be great if she could make a visit to the UK and liven up a couple of our beaches. I mean have you seen the state of Lowestoft beach right now? Now I can’t walk 1o feet across that beach with out collecting 5 fag butts between my toes.

Erin our beaches need you! Please get your agent to call the UK coastguard and lets get this miserable summer back on track.


svetlana kashirova plus size model in black one-piece

Introducing Svetlana Kashirova an established plus size model who speaks French, German and English. I’m guessing Russian too as she lives in Moscow but it doesn’t mention that on her CV.

Now how does Mila Kunis make the top ten hottest girls in the world every year, yet if she passed you in the street, chances are you’d never even clock her.

However if Svetlana rolled passed with those hips and thunderous green eyes, you’d push your girlfriend into traffic and walk flush into a lamp post.


Robine Joss in black swimsuit by river

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Introducing Swiss plus size model Robine Nina. A curvaceous plus size model with great hair, hips and she can do the splits!

Her profile delineates a well travelled humble girl with a penchant for nature and denim shirts tied at the waist. She puts the GREAT in the great outdoors and makes you want to take up fly fishing.

Catch our exclusive interview with Robine Joss on our influencer page.

Robine Joss plus size model interview

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plus size models screenshot of wordpress statistics

Did I leave someone out? Are you a plus size model? Leave a comment in the box below with your instagram handle for your chance to be featured.



  1. July 1, 2016 / 5:42 am

    you forgot one major player in the plus size listing…the gorgeous…LONDON ANDREWS

  2. January 8, 2018 / 2:00 pm

    Thanks Frank, she’s certainly no longer a well kept secret

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