It was a good run. 25 episodes recorded over the space of one year but sadly the Menswear Style podcast will not be returning in August and will be taking an indefinite hiatus. I’ve been fortunate enough to interview some personal heroes, micro influencers and some heavyweights within the fashion industry. But talking about heavyweights –

The George Foreman Episode

I remember a friend telling me he’d love to hear George Foreman come on the podcast and talk about his faith and whether that came into conflict with his boxing. Being a huge fan of the documentary Rumble in the Jungle, I was equally as keen to make this happen. I reached out to his family (He has 12 children, 5 sons all named George)and we corresponded over email for a couple of months before we could tie George down for a date. I never believed it would happen, right up and until it did happen. I still remember when he picked up the phone and said those words ‘This is George’ the sycophantic star fucker in me just dropped to my knees.

George was an absolute sweetheart. Gave very expansive and interesting answers to questions he must have been asked a 1000 times before. I could have done an entire episode on that fight with Muhammed Ali, but I was very cautious of drudging up old unsavoury memories. I touched upon it, but never got beneath the surface.

I emailed his family afterwards thanking them for the correspondence, also sending them the link to the podcast. Never heard anything back.


Stephen Hendry

In the same episode I spoke to Stephen Hendry who I’ve spent a life time growing up hating. My family are staunch Jimmy White fans and to quote Blofeld ‘it was me, the author of all your pain’. Literally heart breaking watching Jimmy through the 90’s getting beat at the hands of this guy.

But he was an absolute sweetheart when he came on the podcast. Had all the time in the world to speak to me. Stephen at the time had his personal email on his twitter account. I think the exchange then got redirected to an assistant but finally it happened. He spoke candidly, (in his car) about beating Jimmy, the holes Jimmy’s game and the winning mentality. After the interview I noticed he took down the email off his twitter account. I imagine he didn’t fancy doing too many more of these interviews with perfect strangers for podcasts he’d never heard of.



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