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Is it cool for a man in his forties to be rocking polyester suits? Ok so I’m only 39, but I listen to the Beach Boys, prefer the 70’s James Bond movies, I’ve been in my forties since my twenties.

Our twitter poll showed that 60% of people believe that men in their 40’s should know better than to wear a polyester suit.

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In this article I’ll give you the exclusive opinions from 3 of the top menswear bloggers, as well as some tips on how and where to wear your poly-blend suit!

I road tested 3 polyester suits kindly gifted to me from Burton Menswear and took them Asia. As Beth Chaipland remarked on one of my Insta posts, ‘Aren’t you hot in that suit there..



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Truth is I don’t really feel the heat, I feel the cold and regularly wear layers in summer.

Though I can understand her befuddlement, you don’t see too many men wearing suits of any fabric composition out in south east Asia.

There are a few tailors dotted around, but they’re not for the locals.

Whilst bloggers can be sniffy and for the best part reductionists when it comes to polyester suits, it’s actually a very cheap and accessible way for young people to get into Menswear and start honing their style.

street sign for tailors in Bangkok

Taken down a side street in Bangkok

Menswear Blogger Carl Thompson from Hawkins and Shepherd in a tuxedo leaning over a pool table

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Polyester Suits are much-maligned in the menswear blogging fraternity.

Before I give you my opinion and tips on where best to where these poly blend suits, I sought the opinion of some top menswear bloggers such as Carl Thompson. Founder of Hawkins and Shepherd

‘As soon as I see muscle fit on a suit, I’m a little put off as exactly what does that mean?

Do I go up a size or do I have to be a lean bodybuilder for the suit cut to fit?

I’ve got no issue with the colours but as a 30+ guy, I wouldn’t wear these colours in a suit for me it just screams inexperienced and playful whereas I want to come across knowledgeable and respected.

Personally I would mix and match the blazers with pairs of tailored trousers already in my wardrobe.’ – Carl Thompson

Matt-Spaiser-Editor of the Suits of James Bond in a Pink shirt from Mason and Sons

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Next I turned to a man whose opinion I deeply respect and admire, Matt Spaiser, editor of The Suits of James Bond

I am conflicted about how to judge these suits because I would not wear such low quality, but they are designed to make the most of the low quality.

Since you asked whether these suits are cool, I would imagine that these suits are best for those who like to sweat.

Sweating neither feels cool nor looks cool. A suit made of 100% synthetic in a tight weave must wear very warm.

A little polyester blended with wool or cotton can be useful for a lightweight wrinkle-free travel suit, but suit in all polyester is not comfortable.

The stretch aspect of these suits is not something I care for either, but I can understand why these suits have a considerably amount of stretch.

I’m not fond of stretch clothes because they don’t maintain shape and they conform to the body in awkward ways.

The purpose of the high elastic content in these suits is so the suit can be worn tight against the body and not be restricting, so it does not matter if the suit can be shaped to the body, either by tailoring or by wearing the suit over time.

However, it does not make sense to tailor this suit because the cost of tailoring will be more than the cost of the suit. This kind of suit can never look perfect, but that’s clearly not the point of it.

At the low price point, it’s something for young men to wear casually and be able to knock around. It’s not going to last more than a season or two, and it doesn’t have to. I see this as a suit for young adults to wear for fun.

It’s not a professional suit, and it’s certainly not for a distinguished man. I don’t see a place for such a suit in my wardrobe, since I would rather pay more money for something better quality that is worth tailoring to properly fit me.’ Matt Spaiser – Editor of the Suits of James Bond 


Menswear Blogger Everyday Man John Robertson in Burton Menswear blue check 3-piece

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The Everyday Man

John is the editor of The Everyday Man and one of the first menswear bloggers in the UK.

He runs an online magazine blog for men offering a well curated mix of all things fashion, fitness + lifestyle.

If you want to go for something a little more ‘fashion’, then they are a great way to buy an affordable tailored look that you can change from season to season. 

You can of course spend quite a bit of money on a more luxurious fabric, but I’d expect a suit of that nature should last you a rather long time so perhaps something a little more classic would work best.‘ – John Robertson – Editor of The Everyday Man 

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burton menswear polyester suits

Human Research – Private detective

I should highlight at this point that these polyester suits from Burton Menswear are a blend of Polyester and Elastmultiester which is a synthetic fibre, much like polyester but with a higher elastane quality.

You’ll notice that this suit doesn’t drape particularly well because of these.

Although Elastmultiester might be the future for denim as highlighted by an article on Boden, like many man-made fibres, it’s doesn’t speak luxury in the suit department.

A glossary of polyester terms from Boden

Click on image to learn more on fabric qualities


I for one currently have no budget or compunction to shell out £500 on a ready to wear suit made from natural fibres. (Yes you can buy cheaper, but from my experience they’re not all that clever).

So this price point of £30 for the Blazer and £21 for the stretch trousers, speaks to me enormously.

Burton Menswear polyester suits me looking out of a window in a grey stretch suit

Whats out there? Oh nothing

Where can I wear them?

Why not wear them around the house? I work from home and never subscribed to looking smart whilst sat at the desk. I would just hang around in my Pyjamas all day because they were comfortable.

Now I can wear these suits because they’re loose. I even answered the door to the mailman in record time yesterday because I didn’t have to do a costume change.

But I don’t work from home?

You could feasibly commute in these and change into a more professional suit once you get to the office.

The best thing about polyester (other than the moths won’t eat them) is that they can take a bit of a kicking and you don’t have to worry too much about getting them dirty, they’re machine washable.

When I worked at Gresham Blake I wore these polyester tartan on a daily basis.

tartan-trousers- and adexe london watch

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My final thoughts on these polyester suits

I don’t think men of advancing years myself should be seen wearing these kind of suits.

I feel bad for saying this because for the record I approached Burton Menswear asking to review them, and they were kind enough to send them to me.

I’m not an elitist, and for Christ sake what do you expect for £50? but these polyester suits are aimed for at a younger market.

I will still wear them around the house, I don’t wear them with disdain, I genuinely find them comfortable. But ultimately, and as the missus keeps reminding me, I’m not 25 anymore.

mens green suit me sitting on a chair outside the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok

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