Taken from a recent Volvo event in Milan

These are my top 5 photos I’d like to show you this week. All photos taken on a Nikon D300 without flash. These are deliberate poses. If you click on each image it will take you to my instagram page where I post daily.

1# Tommaso Rosati


Above is the influencer Tommaso Rosati (isn’t that the fictional name Guy Pearce invents in L.A Confidential?) from the blog This is Me Fashion Blog. This picture was taken this week in Milan when I was invited to see the unveiling of the Volvo XC40 in 80HoursMilan. Nice guy – the reason I like this picture was because I was farting around with the ISO’s and he never broke character. He pulled this killer pose for a good couple of minutes before I let him go.

2# The Fountain Lady  


The missus and I are constantly on the look out for fountains when we go away because they make great pictures and really show off the quality and precision of the camera. I will run a series of these pictures one day but it all started here when she posed for this picture at the foothills of Piz Gloria, Murren.

3# Brian Bond 


I took this in Stoges cemetery whilst I was visiting James Bond locations around London last weekend. It was an excellent weekend, met some great people all fanatical about Bond. This gentleman was called Brian and he absolutely nailed the part of the priest that had to tell Roger Moore in the pre-title sequence of For Your Eyes Only that he had to leave immediately on urgent business. Huge thanks to everyone involved on that trip especially Darren Noble for putting the itinerary together, Julienne for inviting us to his Bond man-cave and Chris Wright from James Bond Radio for entertaining us with an awesome fortnightly podcast.

4# Philly Cheesesteak 


This is my girlfriends cat Philly Cheesesteak who likes to jump the terraces that face the street in Montagu Square, London. The guy is fearless and I love watching him nonchalantly straddle the balcony rails. He doesn’t stay out for long, so it was great to capture this. If you like cats then you can follow the cats on instagram.

5# Out of work detective 


Finally me. Yes I’ve posted this picture everywhere, like a true narcissist. The missus took this one recently in Florence. I just love the jacket. I can layer this brown check sports jacket with almost anything and since I’ve kitted myself out with a few tailored shirts and jackets in Hoi An, I suddenly like tucking my shirt in and looking half presentable these days.

Now it’s your turn. Which one did you like the most if any? Leave your comment in the box below. Keep a track with my posts on social media by following Human Research on twitter.


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