Why Quilted Jackets Are a Must for SS2018?

After the puffer jacket’s heyday in the early-2000s, I don’t think anyone expected to have the urge to reintroduce this trend back into our lives.

But lo and behold, the quilted puffer jacket is back and we all want a piece of the trend, whether we’re male, female, young or old!

Padded, practical and stylish, we loved wearing what was essentially our duvet everywhere during the winter, but we think this trend could continue long into the spring and summer. Here’s why…

Quilted Jackets BELSTAFF sky blue male modelIt’s Stylish

Balenciaga, Burberry and Gucci have all got their own take on the puffer/quilted jackets in their collections, and wearing one means you can stay bang on-trend whatever the weather!

Leave the version of the jacket behind that your younger-self would have worn and instead, go for the more grown-up reincarnations, like oversized, hood-free or spring-time hues to add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

Easy to Layer

As the British weather is temperamental at the best of times, it’s not unusual to get the sun streaming in the morning, but a cold chill later in the day (or vice versa).

Wearing layers is a sure-fire way to make sure you aren’t caught out by a freak downpour and throwing on your quilted puffer jacket is perfect for helping you face all weathers and stay stylish at the same time.

Pair your coat with a t-shirt or a light jumper underneath, or go for a vest version with a thin jacket underneath. You can’t go wrong with some stylish layering!

Belstaff navy puffer jacket male modelIt’s Lightweight

Not only are they easy to wear because they’re super light (whilst somehow also being very cosy), puffer and quilted jackets are excellent when the temperature rises, too.

When the sun comes out, you don’t want to be carrying a bulky or heavy jacket around with you.

Luckily, puffer and quilted jackets are nice and light, and are compact enough to fit in your bag!

You Can Go Subtle

If the full-on puffer coat look isn’t really your style, you can go subtle and classic with a quilted jacket, like from the stylish collection at Belstaff.

Weather-resistant and beautifully made in timeless styles, these jackets look just as good on the daily dog walk as on an evening in the beer garden.  

Belstaff khaki coloured puffer jacket

Well, a quilter puffer jacket ticks all the boxes, all the while keeping up your style credentials. Practical and trendy? We’re sold!’

Written in collaboration with Belstaff

I have an affinity with Belstaff. You’ll have to dig deep into the Menswear Style archives but there you’ll find a poem I wrote for David Beckham; the man of every moment.

David Beckham did a short film promoting the Belstaff Outlaws Collection back in 2015.

I nostalgically revisited the poem which won as an entry to see the film and meet the man himself.

Although I was never granted the introduction.

But here’s a snippet.

‘Hot on the trails of the Strangers Trialmaster Short boots are the Outlaws Bounty Hunters.

Their plight is an unending pursuit of the silent outsider, the mere essence of cool, stopping only to smoke, to drink and refuel.

It’s par for the course of course with Belstaff the suitors, harley’s for horses and footballs for six-shooters.’

Catch the full poem and short film by clicking on the image below.

David Beckham Belstaff Screenshot


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