Hey all, this is my reflective nonsense I post on my personal instagram.

Today I’m going to reflect on completing my first full year of sobriety. 16 months now.


There were many times I could have caved, perhaps should have caved.

I was invited to Bilbao for an all expense paid trip with The Dalmore team. They were kind enough to invite me, I was skint and fancied a couple of days away so accepted. Didn’t tell anyone I no longer drink.

I started getting a few strange looks from other members of the press and the team as I politely turned down drink after drink with no valid excuse nor reason. In the end they must have thought me a thunderous charlatan, a tee-totaller blagging his way on to a whisky press trip.

When I was finally rumbled the Dalmore team were fantastic, kind and asked if I had a good time regardless. It further compounded by guilt, what a cocksucker I felt.

No time

Then there was the passing of my Dad in the Summer. I won’t go too much into that, we’re all our Father’s Sons. I would have loved to have drunk my way into a wallowing self-destructive pit of remorse, but I literally had no time. It was a crazy-ass couple of months and the toughest I’ve endured.

I got fired from my job in March.

CHRIST PETE this is a fucking depressing blog, as Bill Hicks would say, “don’t worry, the purple vein dick jokes are coming.”

Yeah well it’s life you know. Adulthood, it’s tough. I thought I was impervious to adulthood. That I could somehow continue to live this privileged and cosseted life not suffering the mortal responsibilities that seem to paralyse and handicap every day civilians.

Then life happens and you have no choice. There’s no avoiding adulthood.

How are we doing?

Do you like these pictures by the way? I post them all to my Pinterest account. I’ve no idea why I’ve started taking pictures of abstract reflections. I guess because it’s easy. You know, always head for the path of lease resistance.

I’ve just about run out of steam with the blog here. Best crack on with my day.

Best of luck everyone who has given up the drink. If you want some advice or help you can check out the rest of my detox diaries where I give advice on things like giving up drink on holiday, how to give up alcohol in the first month etc.

Last Tip

I’ve started listening to Russell Brand a lot, he is now 16 years sober and his podcasts Under The Skin are very uplifting.



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