Interesting batch this week. Once again I’d like to iterate that the people that have declined my applications, be it for jobs or article submissions, are well within their rights to do so and I harbour no ill feeling towards them. This is just me having a little fun which is the way I like to handle rejection. Laugh in it’s chubby little face. 

rejection letter application denied


So Laura was nice. This is probably my favourite rejection letter I’ve had for awhile. I can’t remember what company this was I applied to, by the looks of it I may have applied to be a masseuse. But instead of telling me to hit the bricks, I’ve got a discount coupon for a massage. What Laura should have done was included the name of her company or an address. 

If I can offer companies advice on rejection letters, people like me apply for around 20-30 jobs a day. I’m sorry but we can’t remember all of the applications (if any) we submit. So if you’re going to offer discount codes for massages, whether this is your line or work or not, then make sure you leave us your address. Not only did I not get the job, but I now have to trawl every massage parlour in the UK with this voucher to get my discount which will be very time consuming. 

rejection letter freelance

The above rejection came with no discount voucher for a massage. Which is a little cheap. But they did wish me well in my future career. Which was nice. Again I have no clue of the company. 

rejection letter viz magazine

Yes shame this one. This was for VIZ magazine whom I occasionally submit some musings to. Angela is very cordial though and always replies. I did ask VIZ if I could be on the payroll at one stage, but they declined. I love VIZ though, it comes across as poultry but really is some of the most clever comedy you’ll read. Not from me on this occasion. 

rejection letter job application

Didn’t land the gig at OLIVER UK. Which is absolutely fair enough. Although I’m never keen on impersonal email signatures, especially ones called ‘The Talent Team‘. I mean who signs off with that? It’s like saying, ‘Sorry you didn’t get the gig Jonny no-talent, maybe if you had a slice of what we call ‘talent’ you could be in the talent team. Come back when you’ve found some talent‘. 

rejection letter from viz

Another batch of articles turned down from VIZ. If anyone reading this article is interested in reading some of my turned down VIZ submissions do comment below and I’ll send them on. 



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