Montepulciano rooftop airbnb

The view from the rooftop terrace

This was possibly the best Air BNB I’ve ever stayed in. The Residenza Fabroni in Montepulciano, Italy is romantic, idyllic, with enough rooms they could probably advertise a walking tour. Admittedly we lucked out and visited at a time when no one else was staying, late August, circa £126 a night.

yellow room airbnb italy

One of the many rooms in Residenza Fabroni

It’s the 3rd floor up, on an already challenging hill climb. They say there is parking within the city walls but this is unclear, and there is no parking on the street nearby. The missus and I are no strangers to schlepping and we stuck the motor at the bottom of Via Delle Lettere near Piazzale Nenni. Speak to Valentina, when you contact Residenza Fabroni, not only does she make a decent brekkie (included) but she’ll help you with parking.

hallway airbnb stairs

Disruptive hallway nonsense

flowers on a breakfast table

Breakfast table – minus the breakfast

From the terrace you’ll see the sun rise over the rooftops in the morning, a little mechanical figurine man will ring the tower bell. It’s the sort of place you aspire to own one day. It has character – each step and floor board offers a creak, but never the same creak.

residenza fabroni airbnb Italy

Another room – didn’t stay in this one either

The streets below our window are busy enough during the day. But Montepulciano is hardly the stag-do capital of Italy. It’s touristy-ish. But only with well behaved and courteous middle-aged Americans, and the odd tee-total Brit and his hot Russian missus.

balcony blonde Italy

The missus

man balcony topless


Save the earth sign

Liking this

Another great place to visit for amazing vistas in Montepulciano is up the tower that climbs above the City Hall. It raises about fifty metres above the Renaissance Piazza Grande and for 5 Euros you can see to the horizon from Val d’Orcia to Val di Chiana. For £1,000 you can rent the City Hall, Palazo Comunale, for a meagre £1000 if you’re thinking of getting hitched. Lastly, the guy at the top of the tower whose job it is to look out for forest fires, is also nice to speak to if you can throw your hand at Italian. He took a liking to the missus, but can’t blame a guy for that.

tower blonde city hall

Up the tower

Now I want to hear from you. What’s your favourite part of Italy? Have you visited Montepulciano and what were your takeaways? Did the guy at the top of the tower in the City Hall try it on with your missus? Leave a comment below. Click on any image and follow Human Research on Pinterest.


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