Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao

Professional naval gazer

This will be a very brief article about my return trip to Bilbao. I didn’t manage to get to the James Bond balcony this time around, as featured in the pre-titles sequence of The World is not Enough.

However, I lucked out on my first visit and managed to get to the location and you can find a link to that article here.

Jeff koons Puppy Bilbao

Pierce’s landing spot

Above I got the classic picture where James Bond landed in front of the Jeff Koons puppy. Which I learnt is composed from 40,000 flowers.

man in white shirt style Bilbao

Bilbao, as Anastasia refers to it. A smaller cousin of Madrid only with a fixation on white bread.

The food here is pretty ordinary. But that’s Tapas, that’s Spanish food. Their obsession with white bread is phenomenal. Sure there are nice michelin starred restaurants here. But you pay through the nose, if you can get a booking.

sending postcards

THINGS TO DO ON any holiday

Do fill out your postcards. It brightens peoples day. At least I hope so.

fine arts museum bilbao

We enjoyed the Museum of Fine Arts. That’s 10 EUROS to get in.


The Guggenheim is one of the best buildings in the world. Fantastic to look at. Created out of Limestone, Glass and Titanium. It’s stunning inside also. Unfortunately the art inside is incredibly abject. But that’s Modern art. Take it or leave it.

man in pink shirt bilbao

rock star

Guggenheim museum bilbao

For street style pics I won’t be uploading an entire article from Bilbao. But you can check all the images on my street style instagram account.

tapas bilbao

white bread syndrome

abandoned building bilbao

Not many things to do in Bilbao to occupy a long weekend. I’d suggest fly into Bordeaux hire a car and drive down. Shoot in and out. You can then drive through San Sebastian.

The Stadium Tour however was probably the highlight.

athletic bilbao stadium famous crane in bilbao

The crane above has a nice story. Dedicated to a woman in a red dress that would walk past several times a day. The workers would all down tools and appreciate the beauty of the stranger. She apparently would encourage the worship.

fingerprint sculpture Bilbao

The fingerprint statue can be found at the top of the Funicular.

Sorry this is brief, but then there really isn’t much in Bilbao to write home about. A tip would be to google restaurants and book ahead before going. Otherwise you’ll be in the dog house all weekend.

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