Quick Roger update.

He is now 5 months old and has really started to develop into a curious and adventurous dog. The cats are still weary of him. Manya in particular won’t be on Roger’s Christmas card list this year.

Whilst he lacks general obedience, and is prone to curling the odd cable out in the hallway, he has such a wonderful nature that almost everything is forgiven.

We now have a playmate for Roger, Penny the 3 month Cockapoo. They play and wrestle until both of them are exhausted.

I think Roger is infatuated.

As an aside this site is once again going through some changes. All of the James Bond content will now be transferred to a site currently under construction.

The Instagram has now changed also and I’m redirecting people to my personal one instead. (Less of me, more of the zoo).

Thanks for sticking with me during the changes. For further updates on Roger and the Zoo, you’re best of following the cats instagram account that my girlfriend runs.

All images have been taken on my Nikon d3500.


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