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man with short trousers showing leg hairHave you ever wondered what makes Ross Kemp tick? 

Why does he puts himself in such perilous situations?

Have you ever wondered if Style Director for British Esquire Teo Van Den Broeke shaves his legs?

Skip the last question – Although if you must know the answer, then it’s NO. I got the proof (see right).

Last night as part of the Chivas Regal Blend Sessions, film maker Ross Kemp spoke to Teo about his journey as a filmmaker and his transformation from actor to investigative journalist.

We took the highlights from the interview. Click on the link below to find out how I got on blending my own whisky and how you can book your place at The Blend.

Chivas Regal Announce The Blend at 133 Bethnal Green

model holding a cocktail

Whisky cocktails also served

Ross Kemp, why put yourself in these situations? 

I have a natural interest in human beings. There’s more things that connect us than divide us. Getting someone to tell you there darkest secrets about the darkest things that have happened to them, is fascinating.

And how did it start?

I’ve been doing it 15 years. Initially it all began with a fluke. I was asked to present this doc about guns in America, I was the 3rd guy to be asked. I met a guy he was shot 26 times. he was from Compton I was from Barking, we spent all night talking, this guy had such an outlook, he was poor and he was scared. He had a family and a blocked toilet and I wanted to know more.

close up of hand blending whisky at chivas regal event

ross kemp talking into a microphoneHave you ever found it weird how relatable these people are, even if you completely disagree with what they’re doing? 

I’ve never met a nazi I like though. It never stops them wanting to be interviewed. Funnily enough. The empathy thing is there. When you talk to people they can tell when you’re lying, you never over promise, you never lie, there are certain rules that don’t get broken. Its about getting to know who they are.

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ross kemp getting photographed at chivas regal

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