Are you training for a 10k run?

Are you looking for new ways to lose weight?

You’ve got the drive but not the tools. Where do you start? 

I’ve been running for over 15 years and have currently completed 100k in 10 days for a soft drinks company.

If you’re training for a 10k you’ll need the right gear as well as the right aftercare. I want to walk you through all the gear you’ll need before taking on a 10k run.

Products I’m using currently that I will be linking to.

  • Stance socks
  • New Balance accessories
  • Pernaton Gel
  • Litholexal Joint Health

Starting from the ground up.


These Stance performance socks look a bit out there don’t they? But they have some neat features. They’re moisture-wicking fabric and mesh vents keep things cool and dry during your training sessions. They also have reflective tabs so people will see you coming for sure.

The Nike trainers I got slapped on the wrists for once at a boot camp. A girl who worked for Nike told me these trainers were not running trainers, but designed for style and street wear. I don’t buy into all that, they’re comfy, they have pumps, they’re over 3 years old, done more miles than Forrest Gump and they’re still in good nick.


  • Socks – must be as breathable as possible and moisture wicking
  • Trainers – go for comfort over style but make them your designated running trainers. Don’t wear your running trainers on holiday like an American tourist.

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I switch between Burton shorts and Asics running shorts.

Each short is made from lightweight polyester which although is not as breathable as cotton, is more durable and doesn’t shrink. If you’re constantly washing shorts after a run (which you’ll need to as polyester holds on to odours for longer) then I’d recommend a lightweight polyester short.

Length and colours are personal but I’m more in favour of black just short of the knee. Wearing black makes you feel more dangerous, it heightens your levels of aggression.


  • Above all else make sure you have a pair of shorts that doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Keep the colours dark, better for colour pairing. Keep the material polyester.
  • If you can find a pair with a reflective tab (see my Burton shorts below) then all the better.


Again I go for the Asics running top, purely because I like the fit and feel. Although the downside as previously mentioned is the odours that polyester tops will keep. You won’t want it sitting in the laundry bin for too long or else it will attract… well death probably.

The New Balance Cap is awesome as its elasticated to fit, breathable and the rucksack is a perfect size for a gym locker. People often go for a barrel bag but I sometimes cycle or go for long walks if I’m in training and the rucksack is more convenient. (Plus it’s cheaper).


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Yes we all know we should stretch, stay hydrated blah blah. But I always try and make sure my joints are looked after. I had reconstructive knee surgery a few years ago and the doctor said I may never play the piano again. Wait… I mean run again. I take cod liver oil but also invest in some massage gels for my knee and some extra joint protection.


Click on image to shop Pernaton Gel

The Pernaton Gel muscle and joint massage gel should be applied to appropriated areas such as neck, shoulders, back, elbows, knees etc. It smells great for a start, its non-greasy and whilst the muscle massage increases skin circulation, the joint massage gel creates an instant cooling effect.

Lastly I’m ensuring my knee doesn’t blow out again by optimising the most amount of protection for the cartilage.

LithoLexal Marine Plant Extract is a product formulation that provides extra support to the collagen which is important for the normal function of the cartilage.

LithoLexal’s products are the only products containing a unique plant-based ingredient that is completely different from the poorly absorbed rock-based ingredient used in generic calcium products available today.


  • As the song says, look after your knees, you’ll miss those when they’re gone.

Ok now I want to hear from you. Are you a runner or preparing for a 10K? What brands do you turn to for performance wear and aftercare?


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