Ah! Now that’s good work! … I don’t know if it’s art, but I like it!” – The Joker, Batman.

Satanic Mill have announced their latest Abstract Art SS/17 Collection and will be unveiling the new capsule at Pure London this February. The Avant-garde British based shirt-makers have riffed upon Van Gogh, Pollock and Matisse, fusing contemporary political issues with unabashed impressionistic designs.


The shoot was a cold affair, 10am central London, minus 2, and the missus is crying involuntary tears as the climate is terrorising her tear ducts. At least that’s rubric she served me. She was economical with her words all morning, her solemnity a reflection of her resentment for being excavated from a warm luxurious king-sized bed, on a Sunday, taking pictures of a pint-sized bald man in crazy shirts.


It’s safe to say Satanic Mill don’t make shirts for court appearances. Even their plain shirts have distinctly bold collar and cuff motifs. They make shirts for themselves and if other people find themselves aligned with their fanciful tastes, then all the better. The fabric quality (100/100 cotton) and their bespoke craftsmanship are as equally big USP’s as their esoteric designs.


These patterned shirts are decent fit, a rigid cotton that is affable, comfortable to wear. I enjoyed accessorising the look, though nothing to busy. The Diesel fedora worked well, the velvet-blue lace ribbon mirrored the hues of the Monet-esque leaves and lilies. I settled for a simple Eyelet Milano pocket square and pulled out my swarthy Oscar Milo suit.


I should say for the record I attempted a cerebral shot, so I bought the Wall Street Journal and soya cappuccino and perched outside Monocle on Chiltern Street. I froze, stared listlessly at the Journal, did not read one word. Not one. Satanic Mill will be in Pure London which is being hosted in Olympia Park on the 12-14th February.





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