First up, I’d like to thank Neville & McCarthy for loaning me this Endurance Jacket on behalf of Shackleton. I’ve been a moving target the last couple of weeks and the PR team had to deliver this to me in person as I was between trains, planes and automobiles. Nice one guys.


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If you’ve been keeping track on my Instagram travel stories you’ll appreciate I’ve been all over the map these last couple of weeks. From Brighton to Switzerland, to the burning brush fires in LA. This jacket has been with me every leg of the way and I’ll be sorry to give it back.

The first thing I noticed when trying it on is the internal drawstring cord around the midriff. This enables a more tailored look and minimises cold air flow.

Next I cautiously searched into the outer square pockets and was delighted to find they were fleece lined. As Patrick Bateman would say when he finds a decent table in the restaurant, ‘Relief washes over me, in an awesome wave‘.

There are also four large internal zipped pockets – two close to body core for extra warmth for storing phone & batteries in extreme cold environments.

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I like the subtle logo, the gem shaped star as Shackleton would mention in his last diary entry, and the contrast red lining prevents this jacket from being ‘all business’. The hood is removable; coyote fur, and perhaps this is the most contentious point.



To quote the Shackleton website it says

‘As our products are performance and warmth tested in these extremes we use ethically sourced Coyote fur trims for the hood and down for insulation.’

So what is ethically sourced Coyote? We still need to sacrifice a Coyote right?

It’s a separate can of worms whether wearing fur is ethical or not. No matter if it’s been ethically sourced. The down is a by product of the food industry and would be a waste product had it not been utilised for this jacket. (According to the website). So I’m down with that. Pun intended. But the Coyote fur is divisive. Personally I’m ok with that because I was a vegetarian for nearly a decade so I feel like I’ve done my time.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts in the comment box below on wearing fur coats and if anyone from Shackleton is reading this, happy to have a separate discussion on the Human Research YouTube channel.

The Shackleton Endurance Jacket is available for £1,495 with free delivery. Available in Olive, Blue and Black.


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