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The Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok is a tropical city resort nestled along the Chao Phraya River. In this blog I will give you five standout features that will persuade you to visit this hotel.

tripadvisor screenshot Currently (May 2018) the Shangri-La hotel is rated 24 of 912 hotels in Bangkok on Tripadvisor.

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One of the most amazing things you’ll see is just how many catfish there are in the Chao Phraya River. You can throw bread over the rail here and you’ll see a sardine-packed shoal of Catfish clamber over each over for food. Big ones!

stairs at the shangri-la hotel in bangkok stairs at the shangri-la hotel in Bangkok


Ok bit of a weird one, but if you’re like me and like taking odd kaleidoscopic pictures of stairwells, then this place is a goldmine.

These are of course off limits, used for the staff and maintenance men I assume.

I try and take the stairs wherever I go, and accidentally took the wrong ones.

I should say the design of the hotel is very modern, heightened ceilings and well orientated.

You’ll struggle to get lost, but of course I managed.


It’s true! It’s god damn true. Like most luxurious resorts, the Shangri-La has a few esoteric boutiques dotted around it’s halls and lobbies.

They have every chocolate fusion here, burnt caramel, crisp chocolate caviar, the works. Makes for great souvenirs.

Only I’ve put a stop to that as I brought someone back a bottle of Cambodian snake vodka and they sent me a picture at 2am in the morning saying it was the worst present they ever and it’s going straight in the bin.


We didn’t stay for dinner but the breakfast was the best we had on the entire Asia trip. Grilled pineapple, plenty of fruit and great surroundings. The lamb kebab we had at lunch was tasty enough.

Also you’re only a short 15 minute walk away to the Mandarin Hotel where they filmed scenes from The Man with the Golden Gun. We had dinner there and it was knockout. Forget what we ordered, sorry.

view from the pool at shangri-la hotel5. VIEW FROM THE BAlCONY

Ask for a room with a view of the Chao Phraya River. Luckily we got upgraded so that was a touch. The Shangri-La Hotel, comprises of 802 luxurious guest rooms in two adjacent towers, Shangri-La Wing and the Krungthep Wing.

It claims on the website that they all come with river or city views. Admittedly we didn’t check out the views from the Krungthep Wing, I’m sure they were impressive.

I’d ask when booking if you could have a room on the corner over looking the river. A lot of rooms will over look the pool, and the river will be seen but not as close up.

Ok Pedro how much money are we looking at here?

You’re looking at circa £160 a night, breakfast is not included and that’s about another £25.

Service any good here?

Yes service is good, though ultimately they were on hand, we never had to use them for anything special. They have security at the front of the hotel that will check your bags through a scanner as you walk in. I liked that.

Did they point the toilet paper?

Yes, and the safe worked. They had a kettle, but crap sachet coffee. Come on guys, five star remember? The Bathtub had an awesome view but I didn’t use it. Other than to model my new Claes Goran Pyjamas.


They have a girl playing the harp in the lobby.

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