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Introducing Shauny Cuypers, a 21 year old blogger living Antwerp.

Outspoken and a vociferous proponent of cruelty free cosmetics.

Her pictures and style are often monochromatic, deftly-distilled. Is what you see what you get?

How long has your blog been going and is it your full-time job?

I’ve been blogging since March ’18, but it’s definitely not my full-time job. I run my own company called “Jobs at Events” where I recruit people to work at events such as music festivals.

What’s the best thing about living in Antwerp?

The diversity we live in. There are many different cultures living in Antwerp. Also the fact that Antwerp is called a city but it only takes half an hour to walk from north to south.

As well as the fact that in only 5 minutes away you could be in the middle of city traffic and noises or in just a really calm silent place and to me that’s really comforting.

Shauny Cuypers INfluencer black and white

How best would you describe your style?

This is actually not an easy question, I mostly wear black and I love every shoe that’s pointy. It’s between classy, vintage and alternative. Preferably outfits you don’t see another person wearing soon as you walk pass them.

Regarding style, how often do you update the wardrobe? Who gets your hand me downs, and where do you shop? 

Pretty funny but I could still wear pieces I’ve had for years. I’ve always worn black clothes and my style only changes from time to time but there’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe every time the season changes.

When I buy something, I really do like it so I mostly end up wearing it for years. But I do like shopping, a lot! Let’s say I’m always expanding my wardrobe but never really changing it.

Shauny Cuypers influencer female eco friendly

Which brands would you love to work with? 

Besides being a skincare blogger, I would love working with some big clothing brands like ‘Mango’ or ‘Zara’ yet I do prefer supporting the small and individual fashion designers.

Your page is very much geared towards eco-friendly brands, why is this so important to you?

I always feel I can’t put enough effort in saving the planet, therefore I started searching for ways to be eco-friendly in the little things, like my skincare routine for example. I mean, not everyone can recycle everything they use.

To be honest, I don’t have the time for that. But I do have time for my skincare routine so why not make that routine eco-friendly?

Also very important to me is that the products I use are not tested on animals and with organically natural ingredients.  I guess I don’t feel comfortable putting different kinds of chemicals on my skin.

Shauny Cuypers Blogger in black

What can people start doing today that will help the planet?

If every individual started to just make 1 of their everyday things eco-friendly the world would be in a much better place already.

Lastly Shauny Cuypers, how often do you get asked out on Instagram versus real life?

Much more in real life than on instagram actually. I’m really social in real life because of my job. I visit many festivals and clubs during the year which makes it easy to be asked out.

Yet off course I get different messages on my socials from boys that think I’m cute but I don’t really answer to that.

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