Skyfall London Underground

These photos were taken on the Hidden London tour of Charing Cross. Contact the London Transport Museum and book your place. Here’s a couple of facts and photos from my tour where they filmed scenes from the James Bond movie, Skyfall.

The images aren’t the best, from the iPhone. But it’s really to give you a taste of what you can expect. I thought the tour was fascinating and good value for money.

Skyfall London Underground

The mistakes in Skyfall

A keen Londoner would have spotted that Daniel Craig gets on a tube train when in hot pursuit of Javier Bardem. However, only surface trains operate on the circle and district line on its way to Temple.

Below you can see the fake sign put above the arch saying Circle and District. Charing Cross now operates on the Northern and Bakerloo line. (Previously it ran on the Jubilee and Northern as you can just make out on the sign hanging in the back left. Also in the movie).

Skyfall London Underground Hidden London

They removed the metal anti-slide pattresses that would stop James Bond and Silva sliding down the escalator. According to the tour guide it was not more than a chair on a track that the production crew used to enable James Bond to slide down.

The production crew for Skyfall used the underground for 5 months of filming for 10 minutes of film. The money spent hiring the underground was pumped back into the TFL (Transport for London) which need to raise £250 million each year from scratch.

Skyfall London Underground

Other than Skyfall, what other films were shot here?

You can easily identify if this tube stop in films by the hollow ceiling. The roof was lined with chemicals that melted when it reached high temperatures. After the Kings Cross fire in 1987 that killed 31 people, the chemical was removed from all underground stations and replaced with aluminium.

As this was a disused railway they didn’t feel the need to install aluminium here.

The hollowed out roof makes this tube distinguishable in a lot of films, such as Bourne Ultimatum and Paddington.

Skyfall London Underground

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