Waiting at Huntingdon train station, The Freitag bag is made from truck tarps. Notice the fasten strap is a safety belt.

Hi all, haven’t got a whole bunch going on at the moment to tell you about. Had a lovely weekend at the folks house just relaxing, watching tele, catching up with the family. Last night we all sat down to watch the Julia Roberts film, Sleeping with the Enemy. I found many many deep flaws in the movie, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you here. The pictures were taken from the weekend trip and have no relation to the text. Click on any image to follow Human Research on Instagram.

The trouble with Sleeping with the Enemy.

1# Julia Roberts doesn’t hang the towels right in the bathroom. She gets a bit of a ticking off from her husband as a result of her laissez-faire attitude to cleanliness. But the towels are nice white fluffy cotton towels with 3 distinct breton strips running down the bottom, they look wonderful when aligned and the ‘bad guy husband’ Patrick Bergin is quite right to flag this up. Yet the audience is made to feel like he’s the bad guy. I have to say, he’s quite within his rights to give her a mild verbal reminder if you ask me.


Me and Mum hanging out in the park

2# She throws stones at street lamps on the beach to aid her swim to shore, yet doesn’t clean up the glass. She manages to take out 2 lightbulbs in 3 shots, like she’s Mick Dundee all of a sudden. Anyway, poor old Patrick Bergin treads on the glass in a later scene and cuts his foot. A nasty injury that could have been avoided if Julia Roberts again, just cleaned up after herself.

3# The ring that won’t flush. So Julia Roberts flushes her wedding ring down the toilet, runs off to Iowa and has a ‘paint the new house’ montage. Anyone that has done any house renovation will know this will take 6-8 weeks minimum. Now, after all this time, the evil husband finally finds the ring she flushed down the toilet, sitting at the bottom of the bowl. Are you telling me this man hasn’t curled one out in that toilet in all that time? And if he has, that ring has managed to stick to the bottom of the S-bend like a magnet? Come on!


Mum and Anastasia enjoying a nice walk around the village.

4# When Julia Roberts swims back to shore after faking her drowning, she cuts off about 1/2 an inch of hair to fashion an ingenious disguise. This imperceptible change does nothing to diminish her status of hottest chick on the planet. Demi Moore shaved her head in G.I Jane and she was only joining the army for Christ sake, Julia Roberts was running for her life and all she could manage was half an inch.


Nephew Jack footy obsessed

5# Julia Roberts goes to meet her mum in a care home and says that all is well, that she has met a ‘friend’ who is a drama teacher in a local college. The mother rejoices at this news. Clearly she has zero frame of reference to what drama teachers pull in a year. (For the record I’ve googled it, Postsecondary Drama Teachers earn an average salary of £28,695 per year. The husband must have been pulling in close to half a mil a year to have a house in Cape Cod. (Interestingly they only built half a house for the exteriors for the purpose of the movie, then demolished it after).

So these are my thoughts, if you have any other thoughts on the movie Sleeping with the Enemy, do add them to the comment bar below.


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