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This might sound crazy, but up until about 2 years ago, I never made the bed and I never tucked in my shirt. The school I went to would hand out written warnings for people that never tucked in their shirt. This didn’t cajole me into smartening up my act, rather an area I could exploit to exercise my teenage rebellion. That teenage rebellion outstayed its welcome for the next 20 years.


Up on a roof of a castle

I think we all learn a few things with age. You learn that smoking in bed isn’t sexy as James Bond makes it out to be. That you should never burn bridges or through anyone out of your life, that Jimmy White will never win the World Championship and that tucking in your shirt doesn’t make you a conformist.


Someone paint that wall behind me

Tucking in your shirt makes you appear taller

If you’re vertically challenged like me then definitely tuck in your shirt. An untucked shirt has the tendency to make it look ill-fitting, almost like you borrowed it from your much taller mate. Which I used to do all the time as it goes.


Not the Spanish Steps

Tucking in your shirt looks good in photos

I’ve definitely found this one to be true. The Claes Goran blue pinstripe shirt below was about 2-3 sizes too big. Which was a shame because I love the brand and the shirt, but any shirt that might be baggy fit, can be remedied by being tucked in. Ultimately you’ll want to get a decent shirt to fit your frame, but simple start by tucking it in and it will hide all manner of deficiencies .


Hiding hungover eyes last year

Tucking in your shirt will show off that belt

I just realised I’m wearing the same belt in all the photos. The irony is I have about 5-6 Anderson multi-woven belts and they’re all fantastic. A decent belt can be a staple piece in a mans wardrobe, especially if its one you’ve shelled out a few bucks for.


All that jazz

Okay that’s it from me today. Click on any picture to follow me on Instagram. Hope you got something out of this, comment below if you have any thoughts on tucking in your shirt. Did you go to Hinchingbrooke School? Did you get a written warning for not tucking in your shirt? Did it make you pointless rebel for the next 20 years? I want to ┬áhear from you.



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