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Hello all, gather round and watch me wallow in a vat of my own smug-juice. Not sure that works as a sentence but it’s too late now. I’m 4 months in, I’m feeling good, I’ve learnt a couple of things along the way that might help you give up the booze if you’re thinking of going sober. I’m not going to proof read this, I’m just going to let fly ok? OK.

Realise you’ll still make mistakes

I thought all my mistakes could be blamed on the booze. Being loose-lipped, absent minded, disorganised, domestic violence, adultery etc. I’m joking about the last 2 of course. But seriously, I thought giving up the booze would mean I got rid of the demons that betray the better angels of my character. But it doesn’t always work out like that. Last night I got a severe bollocking from the missus about leaving all my decent suits crumpled in a wicker basket under my grundies and brogues. It drove her up the fucking wall.

My point is, you’ll make mistakes of course. But at least you can be held accountable for them. There’s no blaming the booze. There’s no blaming anyone anymore. Giving up the booze makes you grow-up a little. Just a little. I still like to burp the alphabet.

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You’ll feel good about not being the pissed twat at the party

I love this one. It’s like rubber necking, we’re just so happy that it’s not us. Car crashes are the best, when everyone walks out alive, and it has zero impact on our own lives. Watching drunk twats fall over themselves, slur and be the elixir of annoyance that others have to endure, it’s just so sweet. It really is.

It’s easier than you think

I started writing a daily blog about my time giving up alcohol, a podcast, joined communities the lot. It was something that was at the forefront of my mind for a solid month. Nowadays I’ve eased off doing the podcast, writing about it a lot less, but that’s mainly in part because I’m just not thinking about it. Get past the first couple of weeks pal and you’ll be flying trust me.

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Lose weight

Super handy. Lost about half a stone. I’m completely out of routine at the minute as I’m in the middle of a house-move, so my diet is up the wall. But if I was still drinking with everything else going on right now, I’d be a car wreck.

More time on your hands 

Huge commodity; time. It’s the one thing we never have enough of. We need it baby. No more days bed ridden on a hangover. I’m loving it. God I’m a smug sober bastard aren’t I?

I’ve got Xmas on the horizon and I’ll be the biggest bore on the table. But I’m solid man. Feeling strong. OK I’ll publish this now. Will try and get the podcast going in the new year, but for now its on the back burner. Listen to Kevin O’Hara on Alcohol Mastery if you’re serious about going sober.¬†Also check out my detox diaries.

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