Week 2 no booze

Today we had two non-alcoholic aperitifs in cut glass tumblers. Tasted dynamite. It doesn’t matter what you stick in those kind of tumblers, one tasted like Iron Bru but for some reason, from that tumbler, it was like drinking nectar of the Gods.

Some signs are better than others. See above. That kind of sign makes me want to drink beer. It looks like beer was founded in this pub and that guy in the sign was to Italian Beer what the Colonel was to Kentucky Fried Chicken. As if he wondered around door knocking on these gorgeous medieval Italian Terre’s selling the nectar of the Gods and never disclosing his secret recipe.

Then you have the sign below.

Now I was on a beautiful boat and had a sublime day traveling to each of the villages on the Cinque Terre’s. I would have had a beer, on a boat, just because the two go hand in hand, and it would have been utterly joyless. It no doubt would have cost an arm and a leg for a warm can of Heineken, I would have needed to piss within 2 minutes of consuming and no doubt would have been pissing all day as a result of breaking the infamous Brooker bladder seal.

I’ve done the math.

On this holiday alone the missus and I are going to save at least £200 by not drinking booze. That somehow didn’t come as any consolation to her as she tells me to pipe down each time I mention booze. She is missing her Aperol Spritz bless her. Still that can’t be helped. Anyway, better crack on with the holiday.

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Here is the generic alcohol fact:


Well, unfortunately, alcohol is one of those “fine line” substances; once you start to get out of balance, trouble awaits: alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract and colon and cognitive impairment. And, there is genuine cause for anxiety about some emerging correlations between breast cancer and alcohol consumption. – Katy Kelly BellForbes.Com



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