I don’t claim to be the all-knowing, all seeing mofo in the room but here’s some pointers I believe could help you out if you’re planning your wedding outfit.


It’s a wedding day, wear a tux. Every man should own at least one tux. Mines about 2 weddings, 2 ballets and 3 swanky dinner-do’s old now and I’m getting a little tired of it in truth. It’s a free Hugo Boss suit I was given to wear at the GQ award ceremony awhile back. It cost me nothing, and the cut is fine, but the fabric isn’t up to scratch. It’s not a fabric you want to touch. And you want to be touchable right guys? (see below)


The best dressed cat at a recent wedding I went to was a Russian fella named Andre and he rocked up in a Velvet Midnight Navy Tux. I didn’t get a picture sadly but he looked the nails, I’ve got one as well (see below) and I’ll be wearing this as the headliner from now on. (With different trousers of course).



I got mine from Laird Hatters in London. They have three stores, Soho, Covent Garden and The Strand. One in Cambridge also. This one was a loaner and was just a shade big. You can see you’ll need to get the right fit, one that won’t sit on your lobes. It got plenty of looks, plenty of comments. Having something as an icebreaker at a wedding is super beneficial.



Ok so you can see from the shot below how not to wear a pocket square. Admittedly I left mine at home and had to fold a coaster from the hotel room. But it crept over the jacket lapel and the shot is now useless. The Top Hat has also sunk to the ear lobes. As beautiful as that top hat was it’s crucial to get one that fits. Laird Hatters do fittings, and have an abundance of choice. Sadly I was in a hurry and grabbed the nearest to hand.



The best bit of bow tie advice I ever got was from a Hugo Boss PR girl who told me people often shop for pre-tied and natural open bow ties. The reason being you can wear pre-tied for the wedding and dinner, and you don’t need to go to scouts in order to know how to tie it; second you can replace that with an open natural bow tie when it’s time for cigars. Oh don’t forget the cigars too. No one wants to part with a £20 Romeo and Juliet.



Go Stephen Webster. (See below) Opt for total autonomy and have them hinged, easier to thread without calling on the missus or room service.



No brogue detailing. I made a whopping error and chose some Monk Buckle leather shoes from Rome with brogue detailing. Completely out of place. Not to say you can’t be flamboyant. One dude I saw at a wedding last year rocked up to a wedding in Crockett and Jones loafers. I guess it’s all subjective but I had felt I missed the mark.


This wasn’t tailored. Off the peg at Hugo Boss. Luckily it fits like silk pyjamas. I plum for a classic point tip collar. Go with your gut on shirts. The missus told me not to iron this because weirdly, she doesn’t believe in ironing shirts. However, I’m a man of principle, I won’t be going out in a shirt like I’ve just entered it in an origami competition.



Bring out the A-GAME dress watch. Whatever you have in your top locker. I have an Oris 65 that only sees the light of day at these sort of swanky do’s.




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