Today I’m going to introduce you to a British Workwear brands called &SONS. I was gifted a White Elder Henley and you’ll see from the photo above how it arrived. It’s waxed brown paper, crinkled, almost like pig skin. I loved the old school feel of the string closure. It makes me feel like Marty McFly and I’ve just received a parcel from Emmet Brown dating back 40 years.

It’s a solid construction. Nice strong logos on the neck inlay. The logo is reminiscent of faded brick signs you’d catch on the side of London shops. The one below I took, somewhere in East London forget where.


The buttons are branded and have a solid feel to them.

This Henley will pair nicely with my N.Peal No Time to Die Military sweater. I’ll put some photos of that up on my other James Bond blog shortly.

Also with my new RGT jacket. Though it was hot as balls that day. I’d say anything in the mid-twenties and you’ll be uncomfortable in this Henley. It’s quite thick.

This Elder Henley is available currently for 95 GBP. I got mine in a size small and it fits very well. I’m a size 37inch chest but that is work in progress.

You can catch my interview with Head of Brand for&SONS James Cowdale over on the Menswear Style podcast. All photos have been compressed for load speed. If you require full resolution images then please contact me.