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Who is Inmaculada Quintana?

Her philosophy; “if you do not live for something, you will die for nothing

We grabbed an interview with the rising Instagram star from Spain.

What do people not know about Spanish women? 

Spanish women have a lot of character, they are as beautiful as they are intelligent.

But above all they are hardworking and brave, they have struggled to stand out in various fields ranging from science, politics and fashion.

What’s the best thing to do in Madrid that the tourists don’t know about? 

Personally I like the cable car a lot, and a visit a little different from the conventional, for my favourite place in Madrid is Lagunas de El Porcal, Is a very beautiful natural place with many birds.

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What’s the best thing about being a Marine Scientist? 

Is a different way of life, makes you see your environment in a very different and much deeper way.

Personally what I like is to work continuously with that great unknown, the sea, few people do not know it but, more men have come to the moon than deep ocean.

But of course forming in a multidisciplinary and different scientific field, it helps you to grow as a person and to discover your true limits.

Working at sea is very hard, but being able to help solve problems such as thawing, threat to species and a tropic impact, is priceless.

Ever been bit by a shark whilst taking samples like Richard Dreyfuss talks about in the movie JAWS? 

Hahaha NO! And I hope it never happens!

I have been attacked by jellyfish, anemones and even I am allergic to a couple of algae.

But for the moment I have never faced any relatives of a live shark.

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Your work out routine and motivation? 

Of workout I follow a series of morning exercises, I have to be very fit and gain strength and strength, especially for my studies as a marine scientist, my teachers say that I am very loose and that if I leave alone in a boat I would die.

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Also aside I go to boxing classes and my favourite cardio is to jump to the jump, I find it very funny; Obviously also swimming a lot in the sea.

My motivation; I work hard because I know that I have not yet given all of myself, that in order to get my dreams I have to give everything of myself.

That is why I am in continuous self-improvement, to throw another blow, to run another turn more, although all I want to do is surrender.

In my opinion I think that is the difference between being a legend or not. For that we must have courage, the ability to overcome all impediments. I always choose to define myself and not accept the limits imposed, I speak both physically and mentally. I definitely choose to fight.

How often do you get asked out on social media and in real life?

Hahahaha! On social networks .. daily a couple of times even somebody asks me to marry! they are very beautiful.

Although it does not seem real, in real life I have never been asked out, I have always been, I think it is because I have a very strong character.

Or maybe when they discover that you do not meet the “silly model” stereotype they are no longer interested.

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How does a professional photographer get the best out of you? 

My biggest strength is my smile, I always smile at the jobs because I’m happy doing it, the photographers say “it’s very commercial” I think I’m natural like yogurt.

The photographers have no problem working with me, I immediately grasp the essence of their idea and I am able to carry it out. They say that I am “like a chameleon”

I like when they count with me for the important works because according to them “they know that they are always going to leave the photos as they think.”

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Your party trick?

Much highlight. Because it makes me feel very magical, like I have stars with me, and the best thing to party is to feel very comfortable with yourself and be like you really are, ah and good friends! So the night is assured of 10!

Leave at home the “What will they say”

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Your advice to aspiring models? 

My advice, never give up, and do not change for anyone, one is beautiful because it is and that is what draws attention, “the attitude” and is your best weapon against the world of industry.

I remind you that in this world not everything is white or black, they are shades of gray, and your story is done day by day, if you say no, practice, practice, and try again stronger.

This is how the story is done, day by day.

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And finally Inmaculada Quintana, ever been in a fight?

Although it sounds strange … yes. And in several, more than once I have taken a bad blow.

I can not avoid getting into a fight to separate those who stick, I find it very sad people who have to stick because their words are not strong enough. Or when they are bulling someone.

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