Have you been to Spyscape yet? In the latest episode of the From Tailors With Love podcast Matt Spaiser talks about the ultimate James Bond day out.

In an event organised by David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience, Matt talks about his day that involved a curated tour of the Spyscape museum in New York with James Bond archivist Meg Simmonds.

The event also included visits to the clothiers of James Bond, Turnbull & Asser, N.Peal and Tom Ford.

The podcast which centres around the style of James Bond is now available to download on iTunes. You can also catch the episode on YouTube and in the player link at the bottom of this blog.

Also I mention in the podcast about learning that Roger Moore had his shoes repaired at a cobblers in Berkley Square, London. I visited that cobbler today next to La Strada restaurant.

Unfortunately it was closed and I learnt that it has been taken over by new management. So doubt they’ll have any stories of repairing Bonds shoes.

Roger Moore shoe cobbler

Stuff we didn’t mention in the Spyscape episode

As this was a bonus episode centred around Spyscape James Bond exhibition, we didn’t get round to announcing any new updates on the wardrobe of 007. However, a couple of bits of info are below.

Crockett & Jones introduce a new Summer Line

Crockett & Jones have made shoes for Skyfall and Spectre and recently announced they are introducing the new ‘Summer Line’ from their SS19 new styles.

They have taken a sidestep from their normal welted lines and introduced a natural Crepe rubber sole. A more dress-down look from the Northampton shoe makers. Breathable and flexible.

Crockett and Jones

James Bond would probably wear these to the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas. He’d rob a poorly dressed henchman of all his money, his car and his woman, before killing him and dumping his body in the Body Worlds exhibition for some poor child to find.

Casino Royale

Barber collaborate with engineered garments

James Bond wears a Barbour jacket when he’s kicking ass in the final act of Skyfall. This week they announced a collaboration capsule with Engineered Garments.

It’s a collection of lightweight outerwear that’s durable and practical in equal measure.

Barbour Engineered Garments

I’d imagine James Bond would wear some of these military inspired clothes when killing a Villain’s henchman by pulling her parachute, whooshing her into the trees, cracking her spine before making a quip like, ‘she always did enjoy a good squeeze’.

Goldeneye military

Orlebar Brown tease us for Bond 25 with a promotional still for a new launch happening in 2 months. Does this mean they’ll be featuring in Bond 25?

Orlebar Brwon who provided the shorts for Daniel Craig’s swim in Skyfall, were bought out by Chanel last year for an undisclosed fee.

orlebar brown teaser

In an article by Business of Fashion, the swim shorts from Orlebar Brown account for 37% of the company’s revenue.

Founder Adam Brown has stayed on as CEO and you can find an exclusive interview with him on a previous episode.

007 Orlebar Brown promo

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