Man in suit with creases

Haven’t done any street style posts in awhile. I take all these on my girlfriend’s Nikon D300 and post them all to Instagram.

I’m missing my Lightroom software dearly. Some pictures here have been edited but I lost the logins awhile back so most of these will be uploaded as shot. I’m going to write a little about each picture, the one above is my favourite.

Armani Glasses Man

Street Style picture London Man walking

It had just started to rain and this gentleman walked out into the road.

I like the snap because he is dressed very well in a flannel jacket, has stylish transparent Armani prescription glasses.

This was taken on Oxford Street and street style pictures are very easy to do on Oxford Street as there are many people that will pass by.

That said trying to get isolated shots through crowds is not always easy.

But generally you can take pictures of people quite openly without their permission and they don’t seem to mind. Many will be completely unaware.

I took a picture of someones dog in Bethnal Green once outside my front door and the guy threatened to destroy my camera.

I’ve since learned not to take pictures of people looking like they’re doing drugs, up to no good, or have illegal dogs.

If you’d like to use any of these images then feel free. Please credit me where you can or contact me and I’ll send you the full res image.

street style photo man in the sun wearing hat

The Man in the Sun

This (below pic) was taken in Stratford just outside of the West Ham ground.

I like this picture because the gentleman was isolated and it was late in the afternoon with only little sun on the ground.

If you’re in the area I highly recommend you check out the ArcelorMittal Orbit

It’s a great place to take the lady for a first date, plenty to do.

What do I like about Street Style photography?

I’m certainly more a fan of taking pictures of other people than I am myself.

I like the idea of capturing a moment in time, and I don’t have to worry about how I look, or what I’m wearing etc.

For example, I look at the Man in the Sun and remember the day I spent with my girlfriend very well.

We walked all the way from Bethnal Green to Stratford.

It was hot, we took funny pictures of ourselves in funny mirrors. After this picture we went on and had a crap dinner at Cabana. But it was one of the best days of the summer.

Man Carefree (see below)

man in printed shirt in London

This guy is in cruise control. You can shop plenty of summer printed shirts on Mr Porter.

I like this picture because it just caught him right. He wasn’t peddling. He wasn’t in a hurry. He was just cruising downhill and he looks like a dude that cruises through life.

Not in an Al Pacino Cruising type way.

Man in Weird Denim

street style strange denim

Taken down Carnaby Street. I like this guys style. Interesting blocks of denim, not sure of the brand because I’m hardly down with the kids.

But this blogger called Denim Jeans Observer has some interesting posts. Could be of help.

The Man with the Jacquard Trousers

Jacquard trousers in London

Yes strange to walk around taking pictures of peoples trousers. Strange life.

But I liked these Jacquard trousers, the gentleman clearly has taste. Rocking a tan leather holdall and velvet slippers. Taken in Marylebone high street.

What is Jacquard fabric? 

Don’t worry I had to look it up. Jacquard features a raised pattern that is woven (instead of printed) onto the fabric.

Boohoo Man

Boohoo model printed shirt

One of the the few times I stop people in the street. This guy was having a photo shoot done near Canary Wharf.

I stopped him, he said he was wearing Boohoo printed shirts. You can pick these up for next to nothing in the sale. Nice guy.

The Nice guy of Marylebone

Well dressed man in Marylebone

Another nice man. I ran after him in the street to grab his picture. He wished me luck on my blog. That’s how you dress in the summer.

Off-white, light, going by the Benjamin Moore White Colour chart I’d say this gentleman’s jacket is Ice Mist.

The 3 street style images below were all taken in Carnaby Street.

Carnaby Street fashion

Women in Carnaby Street

Street style image of men in London

The two ladies below were snapped on a recent trip to Berlin. I’ve uploaded a blog about my trip to Berlin.

In the blog I talk about the James Bond locations, the East Side Gallery and the general vibe of the city.

girl in green dress in Berlin

burnt orange dress

Woman in Dr Marten Boots

women in boots

Lastly the above is a picture taken done a side street in London, I forget where.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you’re interested then please follow my Street style account on Pinterest. I’ve linked all the pictures to the account so you can follow me there. Thanks for reading.

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